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Bioware is an evil company, like Dr Evil evil

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Bioware is an evil company, like Dr Evil evil

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07.10.2013 , 12:18 PM | #1
Why is there no slave boy outfit? I want a slave boy outfit. Bioware, I demand I have my slave boy outfit and 300,000 cartel coins for my trouble along with a unicorn mount that gallops on a rainbow. If I do not get these things I will unsubscribe and then spend all day posting threads to your forums complaining about how much your game sucks.

PS. Make Jawas a playable race and allow them to be sith juggernauts while wearing aforementioned slave boy outfit.

PPS. Instead of lightsabers, Jawa sith juggernauts in slave boy outfits must also wield giant salamis.

PPSS Don't forget my unicorn.