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[Bug ?] [Crafting] Rate to get Agrinium has dropped considerable since Patch 2.0

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[Bug ?] [Crafting] Rate to get Agrinium has dropped considerable since Patch 2.0

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 11:47 AM | #1

sorry for the bad grammar, but English isn't my first language.

Since Patch 2.0 I have noticed that the rate of suuccess to get Agrinium (Underworld Trading tier 1) has dropped considerable.

Before Patch 2.0, I used to get it at least once per week.

Now it's once per months, rather that.

I'm not an "pro" crafter, I'm a rather casual crafter, crafting only for me and my friends (and everyone who is in need also).
Which means that I'm not sending my companions into missions 24/7 or something like that. Not at all.

But still - the rate of getting Agrinium and *any* "violet material" (so-clled "rares") has dropped considerable - in fact, it has dropped so much that it has become almost impossible for me to craft *anything* that requires these "violet materials".

Or ... to put it into other words : The term "rarity" has been re-defined. Once, "rarity" meant - as far as I subjectively see it - : "once per week". Now it's rather "once per month". Its value has therefore definitively increased. I'm heavily hestitating using it at all - because i simply don't know when I'll get it again.

As a solution, I'd like to see the success rate becoming a mixture between pre-2.0 and post-2.

I think this would be a good compromise.


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