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Companions extremely buggy in [H4] The Shroud Revelaed

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Companions extremely buggy in [H4] The Shroud Revelaed

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07.10.2013 , 01:17 AM | #1
A friend and I have been trying to run that H4 with our companions, and it turned out to be less than fun in several places.

During some fights, most notably the final boss on the barge chase, the companions appeared rather irritated; my HK-51 just stood by idly, reacting to nothing (tried passive, attack command).

Earlier, when opening the room with the electric zapper and the two electrostatic generators on the floor, both companions bugged into the emitter on the ceiling which almost broke the instance since the emitter didn't target the player characters anymore. Luckily, at some point we could dismiss the companions and things progressed as intended.

This seems to be a continuation of the general theme of NPCs having issues with multi-layered environments and the up/down axis in general, leading to companions failing to use elevators, stepping through some hallways, horrible performance issues in underground or "stepped" environments (Taris, Balmorra, Makeb, …) and other quirks.
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