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[Quick Guide] Sage Healing for 2.X

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[Quick Guide] Sage Healing for 2.X

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07.09.2013 , 11:29 PM | #1
I'm writing this for a couple of guildies but thought I could share it here so that experienced healers could share/comment/criticize my article here, making it more productive and helpful for future healers.

Most of us dismiss Sage healing as "extremely easy", "don't have to think twice", but this guide is mainly for those who are just starting out or want to better themselves.


I have not personally played a Scoundrel healer, but I have a Commando healer and I can safely say I prefer my Sage over it. I have played a Sage as my main since this game began, and I can appreciate the synergies between all healers, but I feel Sages have one of the most to offer. We have excellent Single Target heals, excellent AoE heals, excellent energy management... .. .

But wait!? They MUST suck at something? Where's the catch?

Okay basically we do not excel at "Oh *****" moments.

So let me take you through quickly what we can do.

Skill Trees

The standard PvE build I run with, with the last point on empowered throw being optional.

The optional point gives you a lot of flexibility. Personally, in fights like Dashe'roode where ads tend to slow you and kill you if you fail to react correctly, another level of insurance would be to spec into "Egress" (I usually take another point away from Master Speed for this)

For PvP I usually run something like

It may or may not be optimal, but I run it that way for survivability. Throw a Stun, Weaken Mind, and a Slow while speeding to safety, kinda saves me quite a fair bit from certain death.

Basic Rotation for PvE

Before I begin gonna lay some skill tree stuff here so you can understand what I'm saying

Conveyance -
Rejuvenate has a [50 / 100]% chance to grant Conveyance, which increases the effect of your next healing ability:
Benevolence: Critical chance increased by 60%.
Deliverance: Force cost reduced by 30%.
Healing Trance: Critical chance increased by 25%.
Salvation: Force cost reduced by 30%.

Resplendence -
Healing Trance critical hits have a [50 / 100]% chance to grant 1 charge of Resplendence, which improves the effectiveness of your next Noble Sacrifice or Salvation.
Noble Sacrifice: Activates without degenerating your Force and consumes 1 charge.
Salvation: Activates 33% faster per charge and consumes all charges.

Life Ward -
Your Force Armor and Force Barrier heal you for [0.5 / 1]% of your total health every second for as long as they last.

So, back to rotation

This has been simplified so much now due to the way procs work. For starters, before experimenting with other rotations, always
Rejuvenate (On Cooldown) -> Trance (On Cooldown) -> Anything else

Rejuvenate procs Conveyance, which in turn gives you a much higher chance to proc Resplendence, which gives you a wealth of energy management and Instant Salvation Tools.

Several Tips on the "Anything else":

-Deliverance - Do not be afraid to cast/pre-cast Deliverance. It is a very force efficient big heal. The only downside is that it is slow, hence do not be afraid to cast it before damage even hits.

-Benevolence - Over using Benevolence could result in force depletion. I highly do not recommend using Benevolence unless during emergencies and final boss phases where it is more or less okay to burn through force

-Force Armour - Force Armour is probably your only instantaneous emergency heal other than Rejuvenation. You do not want to use it often for two reasons. 1) Force Depletion 2) Lockout period, you may end up needing to bubble your raid member at a later time more urgently than now.

-Salvation - Do not be afraid to use it on single target heals (just your tank). Think of it as a HoT if you will.

Advanced Skills for PvE

I would not call these "rotations" anymore, but once you've gotten the hang of basic you are free to explore better ways to heal. Here are some tips.

-Pre-cast and be rewarded. Predict incoming damage by learning the mechanics of the fight and watching the boss. Kill tunnel vision!

-Communicate with your tank. You guys should be best buddies. Go out for coffee or a date. When to use defensive cool-downs, when to use med-packs etc. should be well coordinated with the healing resources at hand. This is even more important for Sage healers because a Deliverance could take time. "Could you pop a med pack? Big heals in 3 seconds"

-Rejuvenation should be used on Cooldown. It is powerful in a sense it applies (small) periodic healing, an armour buff, and Conveyance.

-Force Potency + Mental Alacrity = 2 Big and rather fast (not always, but highly likely) Crit Deliverances.

-Managing Resplendence Procs - So I like to always keep my force up near full, and I will bite into these Procs (Noble Sacrifice) every time I can. But there is a 2nd Application, for your highest HPS rotation

At 3 stacks these give you an instant-cast Salvation. So, Rejuvenate -> Healing Trance -> (Instant) Salvation) -> Another Heal. This healing tops up pretty damn fast. But it is not sustainable.

So force management is a LITTLE bit tricky here, because I'm SURE not everyone will use instant-cast Salvation all the time. This was meant for PvP I felt.

-Here's another way to emergency heal: Rejuvenate -> Mental Alacrity -> Benevolence -> Force Potency -> Benevolence -> Benevolence

-Rescue those pesky DPS who just can't keep their threat down. Rescue does reduce threat. Or, alternatively, wipe a raid group that refused to give you loot by Rescuing the tank. That works out too.

So as you get more familiar with Sages, you realize that they are a LOT better than they were last time. We used to totally SUCK at dishing out emergency heals.


Bottomline, all power and no crit is what I like to gear. Alacrity:Surge about 1:2. All augments Willpower. There are many different versions out there now, but I find this way of gearing less confusing and easier to keep up with. There is some evidence that this may be optimal, but there is simply no way to theorycraft this because of the 101 possible rotations as I've described in the previous section.

Nibbin has done some EXCELLENT work, I suggest you check his thread out


Who says fun should be confined to PvE?

Sage healers are very fun in PvP, but you do find quickly that force management becomes a BIG issue unlike PvE because you will be dishing out more bubbles and instant Salvations than ever before.

Some key tips:
-LOS LOS LOS. I think you must have heard this so many times. Find good spots that allow you to heal without being seen.

-Force Barrier shouldn't be abused. If there isn't another healer around and standing there like a complete !diot serves no purpose, then well you just wasted it. If you are standing there to stall a cap, buy time that is fine.

-Once you've nestled somewhere comfortable don't be afraid to dish out Deliverances!

-If you're out in the open and running around for dear life, instant Salvation and Bubbles are your best friend (unfortunately you find yourself doing that a lot sometimes lol)

-Rescue teammates to safety!

I hope everyone who has rolled a Sage and want to heal get to learn something and most importantly, enjoy playing the class!

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07.10.2013 , 05:04 PM | #2
thanx for a guide!
save us from your bugs

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07.10.2013 , 05:19 PM | #3
Nice work here but I personally disagree on a couple of items:

1. I would def put 2 points into psychic suffusion. It's a free heal to yourself and your raid group. A nice top off if you have your raid in a salvation. To get these 2 points I wouldn't bother with amnesty as you have resplendence to manage your force bar. Also I wouldn't bother with empowered throw just as it doesn't help your heals .

2. You said you don't use force armor unless they are low on health due to it using up too much force? I believe you should use it as often as possible being your first cast in fact. The reason for this is if your target has force armor then you don't need to heal them as much so you can give yourself a chance to regen some force.

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07.10.2013 , 07:01 PM | #4
So there are a couple interesting guides around that I've found helpful. One I would say not to
Insta cast salvation unless you really REALLY REALLY need it. The GCD suffered of an instant cast is longer than your cast time of a 1 or 2 stack salvation.

I second psychic suffusion as a must... Used properly its free instant not GCD constrained and when used properly can hit a ton of raid members without disrupting mob placement esp in boss fights. In styrak hard mode I use it on cool down practically.

You both raise valid points on force armor. There's a balance to be found. Definitely use it I soften the blow of predictable damage but I don't use it on cool down in people especially not tanks because like you said o **** healing is our weak spot. Can buy time to crank out a conveyanced healing trance or potency buffed deliverance.
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07.10.2013 , 08:42 PM | #5
Can I just throw my 2 cents in here as well,

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever use Salvation without the Conveyance proc. The key mistake that I see so many sage healers doing is using salvation without Conveyance up, and then running out of force at the 3rd salvation in the fight and having to hit those NS's. They then seem to blame the insta cast for not allowing them to regen their force and that makes all the difference.

Long story short, every time you want to use salvation, throw rejuv on someone, then use salvation
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07.11.2013 , 02:18 AM | #6
With preservation I don't find the cool downs with force armor a problem. I have the debuff inlarged on my ops window (very useful for cleansing would recommend this setup) so that I can see who has a lockout on force armor and who doesn't. As soon as someone doesn't I pop another on them. It's like the sages dots to me but maybe that is just my playing style.
Like he said for those oh **** **** moments I use force potency plus mental alacrity to throw 2 crit deliverance in 4 seconds. Both crit deliverance deliver around 10k health so 20k in 4 seconds is pretty good. Plus I don't have full 72 quick savant enhancements yet so I'm hoping to get the cast time down a bit more.
Does anyone have 6 alacrity enhancements 72 tier or using the verpine earpiece? I have the earpiece 72 plus 2 72 savant enchancements. It's a real pain the only way to get the quick savant enchancements is from jedi knight trousers which at 120 ultimate comms will take a while to farm (unless you get good drops from hm ops of course)

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07.11.2013 , 06:04 PM | #7
This is a good quick guide.

The replies above have made a correction and offered good additional advice, so I'll make only one further correction: Never treat Salvation merely as a HOT for a tank in 8- or 16-man operations. This ability has a 15-second cooldown and is crucial for raid healing. In 8- or 16-man operations, using it as a HOT for a tank will cripple your raid healing or force.

For up-to-date BIS gear recommendations for PVE and PVP, as well as advice on skills and abilities, please see my guide for Sage healing: Though it's a long guide, rather than a quick guide, it's the most detailed available. It also offers the most detailed and accurate model for calculating BIS gear (Nibbon's DPS model isn't ideal for healing, and had several mathematical errors until I found and corrected them for him).
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07.14.2013 , 03:31 AM | #8
Thanks for the link. So are we saying for bis it's 7-3 for alacrity over surge. Currently I am running 6-4 alacrity

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07.14.2013 , 03:36 AM | #9
Though I prefer 7-3, 6-4 is also fine. I certainly wouldn't take a token drop away from another raid member who needs it to make this chance, if I'd bother to make it at all.
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Guides and Model for Healing
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12.19.2013 , 10:25 AM | #10
Thank you for this! It's extremely useful for us newbie healers.

Although, I don't understand all the technical jargon... I think "proc" means "this thingy activates this other thingy".

"ads", "BiS" "GCD" or "HoT" I have no idea what they mean... I've heard of agressive marketing, but ads that take you down? "BIS" is a result on dog exebitions, means Best In Show... Oh, well... I'm too old for this... :-)