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Few Questions

wuzzuliki's Avatar

07.09.2013 , 02:32 PM | #1
Hey all,
I recently resubbed, after being there when the game launched. I have a few questions as a returning player :-

1. Which is the most overplayed faction currently? When I left, it was the Empire by far, a lot of Sith. Have the tables turned?
2. Similarly, what are the most played classes currently? I want to know as i want to make sure I have a spot when raiding, rather than be benched as there are too many of me.
3. Any other tips?

Thankyou! They may seem like weird questions but I want to try and contribute where needed

Gelgaroth's Avatar

07.13.2013 , 04:28 AM | #2
As far as overplayed, there's isn't one really, but empire is more of the pvp side of things, while republic players focus a lot more on pve. As far as overplayed, marauders, sorcerers, snipers, scoundrels, sentinels, guardians seem to be the most overplayed from my perspective, but I haven't reached end-game, so couldn't tell you much there. As far as tips go, I suggest leveling a tank (if you're just getting back into the game), but one of the tanks with early healing companions (personal preference, some prefer dps companions, or just gear a dps and healer and swap em out). by early companions, I mean like by end of 4th planet (nar shadda for both sides) kinda early. So shadow, juggernaut, vanguard, powertech. Those 4 are also in decending order of when they get healer companions (jug/vanguard are tied, as it's 3rd planet for both).

EDIT: The reasoning behind this is it gives you a lot of solo capabilities. But that's just me, some do better as healers with tank companions for soloing, which for my preferences would be sage, sorcerer, scoundrel, commando (they start with dps companion, but get ranged tank on nar shadda), operative. All of those start with a tank companion, except commando as stated. I'd throw mercenary on the list, but they don't get a tank until belsavis, and not even dps companion until tatooine (after nar shadda).

wuzzuliki's Avatar

07.13.2013 , 01:09 PM | #3
Thanks for your response
Luckily, my Vanguard and Powertech are around level 40 now. So I have good choice.

Main ones I'm interested in are Smugglers and Agents though - I hear they are FoTM currently. Any truth to that? I seem to see little scoundrels and Operatives

Gelgaroth's Avatar

07.14.2013 , 06:05 AM | #4
Well, for agents, most go sniper for the dps. Lots of people think scoundrel/operative dps sucks, and sage/sorc heals better, so if they want heals, they tend to go sage/sorc, and gunslinger/sniper for dps. But the whole two blaster pistols cover fighting seems to turn people off, aesthetically, when there's mercenaries running around with two pistols and no cover. The whole cover mechanics just fit sniper more than gunslinger. I personally tried out scoundrel as my first healing class, because I wanted to use bowdaar, for kicks. XD And with the whole commando/merc healing, some think it's easier because, depending on the tank, for trash pulls and even some bosses, all they have to do is use their basic attack with their healing cylinder on (mercs anyway) and it heals them = to their bonus healing. Heck, even I think merc healing is fairly easy. My first time healing on merc was unspecc'd at like 22 on world boss in balmorra because the healer in our group wouldn't stay out of aoe range and kept dying, or dcing. And I managed to keep everyone alive, except the 2 undergeared melee dps that always got 1 hit. XD