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Unable to craft/crewskill resetting

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Unable to craft/crewskill resetting

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07.09.2013 , 01:44 PM | #1
I have had a ticket submitted and heard nothing back for nearly a week. I was preferred status for 2 days and on 3 toons I selected 2 crew skills, My Armormech/Scavenger/Slicer I selected Slicing and Amormech once I went back to subscriber I was in a mando 55 HM FP and was mid cast on scavenging the first large droid in the instance when it said I didnt have sufficient skill and reset my scavenging to 400, wanting me to rebuy advance and relevel it. Nope. Then on my Biochem/Bioanal/Dioplomacy I selected the 2 gathering skills now that I am back to sub I cannot craft anything that would result in mk-9 components this same bug is happening to my Cybertech, both of these still show as 450 but I cant craft anything... I have had a ticket in for nearly a week now with no responses. The lack of Customer Service or even acknowledgement in-game is making me seriously rethink my paying money.