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The REAL FoTM class

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The REAL FoTM class

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07.04.2013 , 06:20 PM | #21
only unskilled players will take a dps lightning tree sorcerer to pvp.
I'm playing pure healer and full partisan set.

on word = IMMORTAL

I can focus self heal myself while being attacked by the entire enemy team at the same time.

Crushing darkness / affliction dots are great for random spam as they annoy the **** out of ppl which do not realise they can cleanse themselves. Also Lightning storm...

ppl will underestimate it but...

blob skirmish... 5-6 enemies in close proximity most of them under 60% health...
pop recklessness + alacrity boost ability (forgot the name lol) which also makes u imune to interrupts and then you wreak havoc on that team! I killed dozens of players like that today and while still doing minimum of 500-600k heals per match (lots of healers hard to compete for heals).

I really pitty on mara this days.. puny thing jumps at me with all their special ninja moves I heal myself while he burns his CDs and then lightning\dots\push he dead.
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