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Domino Effect and the Pyrotech

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Domino Effect and the Pyrotech

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07.12.2013 , 12:15 AM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by foxmob View Post
I'm not sure how a pyro pt is less mobile than a smasher (either AC). htl is on a 30s cd, all of our regular abilities are instants, and most of those abilities are 10m (out of smash range as long as he's not leaping to you). I think the class needs a buff. but I think the mobility thing is wrong. mobility is fine (not stellar) on all pts.
I think he means compared to PT tanks and AP specs. Pyros have the least mobility.

AP's get another three seconds of HO, and a 20% speed increase. They took energy rebounder, a great defensive CD, and they have reinforced armor to top it off so they can laugh at smashers.

Tanks get the instant close jet charge in addition to HO. On top of that their shoulder cannon heals them, and they have oil slick, one of the best defensive cooldowns in the game.

I agree though. Regular HO is enough for pyro, now fix the defenses (they have none) and damage please. You can see though why the poster said pyros are gimped for defense and mobility.