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Favorite Villain?

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.01.2013 , 02:43 PM | #21
The Emperor (Palpatine), epitome of manipulative and pure evil.
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07.01.2013 , 03:10 PM | #22
Literature? Bellatrix Lestrange.
There's something envious about how she can do whatever she wants, and doesnt care, but something horrifying about everything she's done. Not explained as well in the films though.

Movies? Hard one really, probably The Joker.
He's the embodiment of a fractured mind, it's a sad tale behind him, it really is.
First time i ever pitied a movie villain.
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07.01.2013 , 03:14 PM | #23
My favorite villains are Hannibal Lecter and the Joker.

Hannibal appears to be one of those "normal" people... until he ate you. Anthony Hopkins was perfect with that role. The exchanges with agents Starling and Graham were spine tingling. "quid pro quo"

The Joker is just cynical while using the people of Gotham to get his villainous jollies off.
Cesar Romero in the campy Batman used more of the funny side to portray the Joker.

Jack Nicholson with his on screen presence dominated Tim Burton's Batman (along with almost any other movie he is in). "... as my plastic surgeon always said: if you gotta go, go with a smile."

Even in the cartoon series, Joker was a bad a**. Little Luke Skywaker, Mark Hamill, took the evil essence from his "father" and just threw down the gauntlet. So much evil in that one.

Last, but not lease, Heath Ledger's Joker...still get nightmares from this one. I feel he was the best portrayal of the Joker. His on screen presence is just as good as Jack, maybe better. "Why so serious?" "Let's put a smile on that face" "Madness as you know is like gravity, all it takes is a little push" " Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savor all the... little emotions. In... you see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?" /shudders

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07.01.2013 , 03:20 PM | #24
Oooo Hannibal Lecter is a good one too...
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07.01.2013 , 03:27 PM | #25
Hi there,

This may sound like a "fanboi", but in terms of memorable gaming fantasy villians, I have always thought that Jon Irenicus. from Baldur's Gate 2 was my favorite. A perfect combination of power, complex character and the voice acting spot on!

Google "Jon Irenicus quotes" - brings back memories!


Ah the good old days!


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07.01.2013 , 03:44 PM | #26
Will have to put mine in here:

Movie: Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones owned Conan)

Book: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Game: (I know I'll get heat for it...but...) The Lich King

T.V.: Breetai from Robotech
Darth Vehementt

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07.01.2013 , 04:06 PM | #27
The Joker.

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07.01.2013 , 04:08 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post

I would first start with their motivations. Like many people have already said in this thread, some of the best villains are characters who start off with good intentions, but their execution is what makes them "evil." A character's motivation, particularly the villain's, is what often drives the plot forward.

Once you have their motivations, start to sculpt the finer details of the character - mainly their back story and personality quirks. A great exercise is to literally write out what an average daily schedule would look like for that character. None of this needs to be in your final story, but it helps to make that character seem more realistic and three dimensional, which is especially important for a villain, who might not actually see a lot of page time.

I personally think that appearance is secondary, unless it affects the character's motivation. It's much more important to figure out the inner workings of a villain before focusing on the outward shell.

Hope that helps!
So going by the first paragraph here, you would agree with the many people who have called Bioware or EA "evil". While some of the cartel and other things implemented to the game are with some of the best intentions, the execution of some of these updates/items/fixes have been deemed "evil". While I totally disagree

Favorite Villain : Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey

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07.01.2013 , 04:08 PM | #29
I have to say Khan and Hannibal Lector were especially good ones.

It's hard to pin down a favorite favorite, but I adore complicated characters that could easily fall to hero or villain - the ones that live on the knife's edge of good and bad. Take (Fight Club spoilers)
I think the thing that I love most about those characters is that they are living by their own code, and although it may drive them to villainious acts, there is often something to be respected about them.

Honorable mentions in the villain category: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Bill (Kill Bill), Loki (The Avengers), The Goblin King.
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07.01.2013 , 04:25 PM | #30
Ooooh so many villains....
Print: Lex Luthor, or Count Veritgo.. or Poison Ivy... any DC villain really
Movie: Khan in Into Darkness - The faceeee and he's pretty cool with his headsmashing and what not
Game: Team Rocket - Nothing said XD
SWTOR: Kilran - He's so fine
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