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The SWTOR pen & paper RPG Rules Set

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The SWTOR pen & paper RPG Rules Set

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

07.01.2013 , 10:16 AM | #1

I'd really like to see the SWTOR RPG rules set to be published one day - in a form so that I can do pen & paper role-playing with the SWTOR RPG rules set.

An PDF document would be sufficient.

To me, it is - for example - still not clear how levelling up works. I just see an increase of things on my character sheet before and after the levelling - but how are the points distributed ? Or does everything go into the main stat alone ?

But - even more importantly : Dice rolls. How does attacking and defending work internally ? How high must my dice throw be so that I can evade an melee attack ? For example.

Or, how is the dice roll for damage `? How much is mitigated through armor ?

The only dice rolls that are relatively transparent are those for

- Dialogs
- Loot distribution

but I still don't quite know what kinds of dice are used. 100-sided dice ? 200 ?

What do secondary stats do to other fields of my character - defense, for example.
And how does my main stat help the character in defense, too ?

How does Presence work ? Does it have an effect on NPCs, too ? (It doesn't but playing pen & paper, it would be nice if it did, simply because it's the only available equivalent to Charisma).

How would a character with high Willpower fare in an environment where Cunning is needed ? (Let's take for example an Underworld environment. A Shadow needs to meet Crime Bosses - he must be quick in his thoughts and be quick in evaluating the situation in let's say a room filled with many, very different, people. Like Luke standing before Jabba. Willpower alone won't help him much there. Plus, Willpower alone won't help him getting information from information brokers - except with Force Persuasion (which does exist in SWTOR - albeit merely as a Dialog Option).

And what dice are rolled for the outcome of Crew Missions ? How high must be the Dice Roll so that one Crew Member comes back with let's say Agrinium ? Or a Krayt Pearl ?

These are the things I'd really like to know.

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CKHelseth's Avatar

07.01.2013 , 12:36 PM | #2
There have been a few Pen & Paper games already. Wizards of the Coast put one out in 2000 and last year a new game was released by Fantasy Flight Games.

The Wizards of the Coast game used the D20 system. I don't know how the new game works. Take a look. Highly unlikely there will ever be a pen and paper game based off this game's mechanics or rules..
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07.01.2013 , 01:39 PM | #3
Many of the classes in SWTOR exist in the Wizards of the Coast game and can be readily converted to that game.

Jedi Guardian = Jedi Guardian in the PnP game
Jedi Sentinel = Jedi Guardian with the two weapon feat
Jedi Shadow = Jedi Consular with exotic weapon feat (DB lightsaber) and Hide and Force Stealth as free class skills; switch to Jedi Investigator around level 10-15
Jedi Sage = Jedi Consular switch to Jedi Master or Instructor at some point

Smugglers (both) = Fringers (with two weapon feat for Gunslingers and Hide for Scoundrels)

Troopers (both) = Soldiers

Sith Warriors = Start as Sith Marauder then switch at level 10 to Sith Lord or Sith Warrior

Bounty Hunters = Soldiers with Bounty Hunter Prestige Class

Agents = Can start with a variety of class like Noble, Soldier, Fringer based on character concept.

Sith Inquisitors = Start as Sith Acolyte then switch to Sith Lord

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

07.01.2013 , 02:57 PM | #4
Thank you, but I'm not interested in the classes, I'm interested in the rules. If I had meant otherwise, I would have said so.

And I already played pen & paper Star Wars with the D6 system by West End Games (WEG) in the 90s, albeit only for a short time (sadly our group dissolved at one point, and I was occupied with something else around that time, and couldn't drive the 20 or 30 Kilometres to the place anymore).
Complex minds
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