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Overall Achievements Leaderboard

Shakell's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 11:06 AM | #211
The Ebon Hawk
Tab unlocks included
My boring Rep stuff
The Ebon Hawk
Pyrrho <Beskar>
Daharel <Aisthesis>

a-madman's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 03:11 PM | #212
Long time since i posted

but TheMadVanguard on The Red Eclipse


MasterAtreides's Avatar

11.22.2013 , 05:24 AM | #213
Valerius - The Harbinger
Achievement Points
Conquerer of the Dread Fortress | Revanchist | Deposer of the Dread Masters
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theSCARAYone's Avatar

11.22.2013 , 05:36 AM | #214
Baa'nariim - The Harbinger

Achievement points.
The Harbinger - Aggressors Legacy
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Augustus's Avatar

11.23.2013 , 01:01 PM | #215
First to reach this milestone.

achievements update for Decimus

reputation update (unckecked the "completed" box, and because everything is maxed out, it doesn't show anything.

Cheers to everyone on The Red Eclipse!

Aezur's Avatar

11.24.2013 , 09:31 AM | #217
Player Name: Aezur
Server: The Red Eclipse
Achievement Points: 25430

Mugen_no_Jidai's Avatar

11.25.2013 , 06:01 AM | #218
Up to 24100 achievement points here. Congrats to Decimus on the big 30k mark, and Rommelesp for the first 100% on Dailies that I've seen. Looks like I'll also have to work harder here to stay in the top 10 with the addition of some more heavy-hitters.

Just a note to everyone that the overall points leaderboard will now be limited to the top 50. I've been steadily increasing this from the top 20 since I posted this thread, though any more than 50 will get a too little unwieldy, given the format. This should only affect one person who has posted recently, but just a little FYI in case someone is wondering why they're not up there anymore. The individual tab leaderboards might be increased to the top 15 at some point in the near future, just to encourage participation from those with fewer points.

Additionally, I did make an addendum in the OP a few days ago that folks with 9 legend reputations can untick the "Completed" text box just to make it easier, as some of you have already done.

This thread now represents almost all of the servers and I'm pleased at the number of participants (around 60), up from just a few when this thread was originally posted on the Harbinger. Thanks for helping to make it a success (30k+ page views too).

beanseh's Avatar

11.25.2013 , 07:06 AM | #219
Player Name: Illiria
Server: The Red Eclipse
Achievement Points: 22650

not sure i did the hyper link right. been a long time lurker on this topic thought it was finaly time i posted. well done on keeping it orgnised its been a big help getting some of the bits and pieces on the location tab.
punctuation bah thats a waste of time

TheRampage's Avatar

11.25.2013 , 03:32 PM | #220
Ok, Ill join the hunt. Been doing it from start of it, but never posted anything here.

player name: Raphâel (pic is from one random crafter, if it has to be main il put one with main?)
server: ToFM

23465 achievement points
all reputations done

Dont know if this is right topic to ask, need tips about ulgo strong forces on Alderan, other then that heroic area which has too much elites any topic about that stuff, where we can ask and help each others with mobs?
Raphâel - Not Good Enough