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Overall Achievements Leaderboard

Amantino's Avatar

09.16.2013 , 11:31 PM | #141
Just more satisfaction when you finally manage to get them

But yeah, theres some very poor ideas when it comes to achievements. In general theres way too much "kill 9999999 of x" and too little creativity. Hopefully they'll work on this in the future (as soon as possible!). *points at WoW*. Just simple boss-achievements would be enough, "Kill boss x without failing y".
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09.17.2013 , 07:26 AM | #142
Been a bit busy atm so no time to farm achievements >.< good job on Aignox on passing me though

I did get to use the rep items i had farmed previously lol so here are my 8

Also a rather small update to my achievements

To answer your question Aignox the kill achievements are semi easy to get if your a healer 'cause when you heal someone you tag yourself in combat with everyone
Killing blows are a bit easier on a sniper imo
And those two although take months to get aren't that bad
The solo kill achievements however are ridiculously hard..out of the 250 matches you need teh solo kills at i have 6 i beleive

Unless you cheat it would take years to get those achievements so dont worry too much bout them

MKnightRider's Avatar

09.17.2013 , 08:35 AM | #143
Update for M-knightrider:



Kwich's Avatar

09.17.2013 , 08:57 AM | #144
Update for Kwich:

Now 8 legend rankings -->

and achievement points up to 20830 -->

Thx and keep on working those numbers! =)
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09.17.2013 , 09:19 AM | #145

Player Name Scerra'cyon - Hal'cyon Legacy (Jung Ma)

Achievement Points 23210 & Reputation at 8 (09/17) (not counting Cartel reps)
Hal'cyon Legacy
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DustinDune's Avatar

09.17.2013 , 11:16 AM | #146
No that i have 8 legends i figured i would update

8 Legends


MitchPB's Avatar

09.17.2013 , 09:13 PM | #147
Update for Vengal:


And yeah the PVP achievements are a joke its all luck of the draw to get the perfect setup. Finally got that damn Jawa one done last week.
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Mugen_no_Jidai's Avatar

09.17.2013 , 11:02 PM | #148
A paltry update for me, just up to 21310 for achievements, and like everyone else who updated today, 8 legends.

Quote: Originally Posted by MitchPB View Post
Finally got that damn Jawa one done last week.
I think I'm 37/100 on this with 30k kills. I saw someone on fleet with the title a long time ago, though I never see anyone ever pop these in WZs. And if I do, they're always on my team.

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09.18.2013 , 03:38 PM | #149
8 Legends update

And achievements update.

Btw, why do you post in the thread about your new scores, yet not updating the original post with the rankings?

Mugen_no_Jidai's Avatar

09.18.2013 , 05:30 PM | #150
Because I wanted to wait and see if there were more folks posting because of 8 Legends being available for the first day before updating it all in one go, plus some new bugs popped up that I wasn't sure of. That and it takes quite a while to update everything and I didn't feel like doing it yesterday.