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need some help rendering issues

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06.29.2013 , 02:37 PM | #1
I decided to post my question on this forum since the problem only shows up during ops.
A few weeks ago while doing TC I noticed that I could not see the GR when I entered the instance, and I could not see and attack it until someone else did. I thought to my self NP I'm on my dps so I have to wait for the tank to engage first anyways.
However the problem became bigger with my shadow tank, while doing tc I got add duty but could not see the adds until someone attacked them, so it took sometime before I could pick agro. Just now while doing EV HM for weekly everything went well until Soa, since I'm 55 I was single tanking the whole op; but when we got to the bottom all the sudden I lost sight of Soa I could not see him, attack him or taunt him. Fortunatly my UI showed that I still had agro on him even though I could not see it, so I just moved to the pillars.
Also it's happened to me in Olok the shadow that I cannot see the all the droids to select which ones to buy (which is really a problem since I'm usually ops leader) many times the far right columm and the furthest row will not render. Has anyone experience this problem before or could someone offer a solution. Could it be graphics setting or something else. Thanks is advance
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06.29.2013 , 06:45 PM | #2
i know that for red reaper the first group doesnt show up.

however, i can click on the area of where there body would be and the mouse changes to the target symbol, so i am able to click on an invisible target, its nice when i can see the bullets coming out of nothing though, gives me a cue as to where the target is lol

but still frustrating
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