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help me reroll tank

lironBD's Avatar

06.27.2013 , 08:58 AM | #1
Hi gents.
as situation stands at the end of the day there is a dire need for more tanks. I'm playing with my guild 90% of the time on imp side where I got a level 55 Powertech tank, But actually my main characther is a sorcerer healer.

My problem is I'm bit mentally ill and I really like the sith order and theme in the game so as it's happens every time I hear the sith or korriban theme song I get itchy to choke somone or shot lightning. Also I find the Sith inquisitor story as my favorite and Sith warrior as second close. (btw got level 55 mara).

so my dear friends should I just stick with my powertech tank and suffer the pain of not playing a sith (not cool ) or should I roll:
1. Jugg tank
2. Sin Tank

I mostly play with my guild on daily HM + ops (mostly HM sometime nightmares) so which of this two will be the best to reroll?

I think I'll go with the SIN,
Europe -> The Red Ecplipse
Oracans-> Sith Pureblood Inquisitor Sorcerer \ Buddy invite

TrillOG-'s Avatar

06.27.2013 , 04:23 PM | #2
Both are extremely viable classes. It really depends on your preferred play style. I for one love my guardian(jugg) and not so much my assassin. But I have met MANY people who love them. Currently the assassins mitigation is unbalanced but that can be countered by knowing what attack type is being thrown at you along with using your defensive cool downs wisely along with relics and adrenals. Assassins can also be nice to level with due to having stealth and being able to skip mobs/solo heroics easier. On the other hand juggs currently have the highest survivability due to all the cool downs you have along with heavy armor as opposed to light. Both are great classes, one just takes more practice and playtime to get down. Both have been used to clear the hardest content in the game.