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TFB HM Op 9 help

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06.28.2013 , 07:17 AM | #11
Thought I'd try to offer some insight also as our progression team spent a while bashing our heads against the wall on this fight but have since learned it and I think the complexity and depth make it one of my favorite fights!

First thing... Phase 1 is a dps check so knowing your dps and what they're capable of doing will determine what tactics you can use. Some really really strong dps can solo a core during orange with adrenals but that doesn't have to be done

-make sure you use timers to their full advantage... Don't start blue until you've cleared all the adds in the middle, and watch the timers on blue and orange... You may be finishing those phases with 10 seconds or more left to spare which means you could peel off a dps to further help clear adds in those phases
- add management is critical. Healers can help with this too- with the post 2.0 changes to sage healing I know I can recover force pretty quickly and so when healing is under control both of our healers will throw every bit of extra we can to clean adds
- tanks need to be locked in. The pulls are the same every time so your tanks need to be planned out so that the tank channeling Orange and yellow is clear when their time comes. Subsequently the tank not on panel during those phases needs to taunt regulators ASAP to not risk the channeler being stunned
- on the topic of regulators... Watch their healing debuff... It sucks but you can maximize your healing output by being attentive to that w.r.t. Casting larger heals
-phase 2 is not a race... Our first clear post 2.0 we did with one of our best dps dead most of the phase. Take a deep breath, have your tanks pitch taunts back and forth... Use the black whatever phase to make sure you get your colors and then kill adds... You have 8 sec which is good amt of time
-plan for deletions, know where people go to be shielded and who is responsible for first shield for a color
-keep your cool and stick together... This is a tough fight but rewarding to get down. Don't let it over stress you and keep learning... Sometimes coverage on deletions feels a little glitchy but you have to shake it off and understand you can and will get to that phase again and WILL beat operator IX!

Good hunting and let me know if you've got more questions or want clarification... I've spent lots of time on this fight as both a tank and as a healer
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07.11.2013 , 04:28 PM | #12
Can anyone give some info on when is the best time to kill the orbs? We used this strategy
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiij View Post
As one of the earlier posters mentioned, there are a numerous amount of ways to do this fight.

There are a few things to note about the fight (which I've been told / experienced, however may not be 100% accurate). First, phase 1 does not count against enrage timer of phase 2. Whether this is actually true or not is hard to determine (especially now with the way the Rectifiers work); however, my guild intentionally fails two phases to help clean up adds, so if healing is an issue, this may be a helpful solution. Second, there is no hard enrage for phase 1. Again, this is just speculation, but we got disorganized one time and failed a single phase like 4 times in a row, with no seeming consequences (other than the Rectifiers).

This fight requires a boat load of coordination, no matter what your strategy is; here is how my guild does it (slightly different from the previous poster with an in depth guide).


Slightly different approach than the third reply, but there are some key points to be highlighted:
  • Regulators must be interrupted (as he stated).
  • Inspiration / Blood Thirst on yellow if you're having a dps issue (as he stated).
  • Positioning for ranged dps is important, standing next to their column they can hit adds or a core easily (as he stated).
  • Rectifiers must be killed ASAP. The ops-wide damage WILL wipe you.
  • If you have to fail a phase, the best ones to fail are those who spawn Recognizers (blue and purple).
and it worked well but the spheres were our biggest problems. Our healers and tanks got stunned a lot.

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07.11.2013 , 05:28 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Gun-Gun View Post
Can anyone give some info on when is the best time to kill the orbs? We used this strategy

and it worked well but the spheres were our biggest problems. Our healers and tanks got stunned a lot.
Blue kills the sphere at the start. Try putting your highest DPS on blue. Rest of the guys kill their spheres at the end of their phase. You might keep the orange and the purple spheres for the end of the first purple phase. Since you are repeating that phase, you can take your time

I do not recommend failing the yellow phase. The yellow guys can easily kill their sphere after the boss has spawned. We do core -> Regulator and then sphere. There is enough time.

Also, ask your tanks to stand with their back to the pillars and interrupt the cast.