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Agent story. Angry and speechless.

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Agent story. Angry and speechless.

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06.27.2013 , 07:07 PM | #11
It was meh. Personally, I LOVE the Knight and Warrior story much more. The Agent had some really cool parts, especially on Corellia, but otherwise it was only "meh". 3rd favourite.

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06.28.2013 , 11:46 AM | #12
I'm not far into the stories and play Republic alone (apart from my Bounty Hunter Experiment, which nothing but supported me in my view not to play the other Imperial classes), and I'm surprised that these stories are so boring.

The Smuggler's story was good. So far, it's my number 1 story (under the above mentioned circumstances).

But the Trooper ? Ugh. Consular ? Uh. Jedi Knight ? Well, not that bad, it's actually quite interesting, but it could be better, too.

What I had expected from the Trooper class story after reading "Havoc Squad", I had expected something like an Agent's story : A strike team goes deep into Imperial territory and does special things there. I mean, *really* special, things that no-one else would be able to do.

But the result is now : I collect people. Ugh.

Over time I've become a hater of what I call "Empire Favouritism". I just become angry when I read so many people calling the Agent's story to be "superior" - and then i look at the Trooper's story : It's exclusively consisting of collecting people.

When I visited Dromund Kaas with my Bounty Hunter for the very first time, my suspiction of "Empire Favouritism" by the developers got a HUGE boost . Not only does this planet actually feel alive and breathing, even with weather effects - a thing that you won't never ever ever ever find of Republic planets ! - but it also doesn't play like pure hack & slay at all ! - that's what Coruscant feels like : Kill soooooo many mobs it becomes totally boring at one point. Dromund Kaas : No mobs in the wilderness (where is Wilderness like that on Republic planets apart from Taris ???) and only a few "pockets" filled with mobs, whereas the mobs are on Coruscant EVERYWHERE !

I still like SWTOR, but i don't like at all what Bioware made out of the Republic side. Like the mud-brown colour of the Republic Fleet Station. It's totally depressing, for me, personally.

"The Empire has style. The Republic has Advertisements."

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06.30.2013 , 09:41 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
I'm not far into the stories and play Republic alone (apart from my Bounty Hunter Experiment, which nothing but supported me in my view not to play the other Imperial classes), and I'm surprised that these stories are so boring.
Would it help if I tell you you can become a double agent and actually be a Republics spy at the end? IF you play right, of course

I mean, I do understand you - very pro-republic myself. And it was not easy to switch to Empire but with that in mind you might consider. It's just a pity you can not see the best story in the game. Though... If you could not play BH - the least Empire politic attached class, IA would be a huge challenge.

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07.01.2013 , 04:09 AM | #14
I have played 3 characters to the end of chapter 3: Trooper, Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent.

I echo the comments of the OP. The Agent story was amazing.


For me the Trooper story was "okay" (neither amazing nor horrible) and the Jedi Knight story was really interesting.

The thing I very much disliked about the jedi Knight story ...


I am on the lookout for more interesting stories. I am thinking about making a Smuggler or Bounty Hunter, and have a lvl 15-ish Sith Assassin.

Suggestions and mild spoilers are welcome, so long as they are wrapped in the SPOILER tags.

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07.01.2013 , 06:13 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by swtonewbie View Post
BH was ok, but i dont like how i went from a nobody to the best bounty hunter in the universe. That's something BW does a lot with the storylines. They elevate you to such high status and this was before ROTHC had come out. I hate it when games SP or MP have you reaching such high status. At the end of the game you are a general, vice admiral, or grandmaster of the universe. But the IA story doesnt really do that...and thats one of the things i like. I would rather be the same Jedi Knight, Lord Sith, average quality bounty hunter, instead of what they are having us become.
Probably because it's not very "epic/dramatic" to start the game as Dave-the-toilet-cleaner & not get any more important/powerful/etc. Especially since Star Wars starts off with Luke being a nobody on a planet in the arse end of beyond & ends up being (one of) the saviour of the galaxy (from the Emperor). So Bioware are "just" following the type of narative that Lucas started with, as well as trying to give the player an easy sense of improvement from the story (in addition to gear & skills growth).

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

07.01.2013 , 09:40 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Llama-Eight View Post
Especially since Star Wars starts off with Luke being a nobody on a planet in the arse end of beyond & ends up being (one of) the saviour of the galaxy (from the Emperor).
Well, interestingly, Luke is nothing but a single, albeit special, warrior among the Rebels.

This can be seen very good by George Lucas putting the space combat scenes between the fight of Luke & Vader and the fights on Endor.

Without the Millennium Falcon and its Crew, the DSII would still exist, and be a threat to every civilization in the galaxy.

And bestroying BOTH the DSII *and* the Emperor would not have been possible without the combined efforts of both Ewoks & Strike Team ...

So, all in all, Luke was indeed important - but he was still just a a single Rebel member among hundreds or even thousands ...
I'm a bad player.
I have no good reputation.
I never will.
Only bad reputation.

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07.01.2013 , 09:05 PM | #17
Imperial agent was my first character to play as. All I can say is that the agent story was to most immerseive of the ones Ive played. Finished the sith inquisitor and working on smuggler. It really felt like you were working with imperial inelegance and making decisions that would affect the empire. You got an awesome ship, cool companions (even one is an anarchist and will attempt to have you killed if you follow her affection gains), there was more of go somewhere else between planets, also going back to dromund kaas a lot, the chapter 1 boss is the toughest class boss fight Ive done so far. that is if you choose to fight him, chapter 2 got even better with the whole brain washing or whatever it was. chapter 3 continued chapter 2.
The inquisitor was alright.
Smuggler I somewhat like. He is more of a freelancer and doesn't need to do much with the republic army or Jedi or anything of that sort. I love a lot of the conversations in the smuggler storyline. Ive quite a few of them the funniest.
I'd give the Agent 10/10 Inquisitor 8/10 and smuggler I'm not sure yet since I'm halfway done with his quest line

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07.03.2013 , 09:21 AM | #18
Overall Trooper is great. Chpt 1 and 2 both feel very good building the squad and then employing it. 3 is kind of like 2 remixed, but with less emphasis on squadmates and more emphasis on TEH REPUBICS, which takes away from some of the personalities you've grown accustomed to with the squadmate arcs (Aric in particular). Even so, it does make you feel like part of the army itself, which is kind of the entire theme of the Trooper storyline - hence with almost EVERYONE in the squad is pissed when you tell Garza to go screw herself.

Speaking of Garza, the storyline could GREATLY BENEFIT from less trips AAAAALLLLLLLLLL the way back to Garza's office. The walk from the Spaceport to the office is like 5 effing minutes. Probably an hour of the entire Trooper storyline is spent walking to or from Garza's office.

Lastly regarding Garza, I was very surprised we didn't get a Garza romance option. I mean with showing off a ghetto booty like that by wearing that tight uniform all game, when is she gonna let me clap dem cheeks?

Clearly needs to be in the next expansion.

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07.03.2013 , 04:59 PM | #19
I am right with everyone's general feeling on the IA class story, it's absolutely beautimus. I certainly haven't checked out all the story's yet, but of the one's that I have, IA is number one with a bullet.
Covert Ops, political machinations, treachery within the Sith.... plans within plans.
I almost regret that Agent was my very first story completion, only for the fact that it makes the other class stories that would have felt sub-par but at least acceptable to me into an utter letdown and mission ending after mission ending of "Ok.. I'm disappointed now...." , and that is generally the only feeling that peaks at the climax of a Chapter Finale.
After eating at a 5 star restaurant, it's difficult to follow that by trying to choke down some saltine crackers....

As a final side note, to those who favor the republic but are feeling the call to check out the I.A. story, I have only one thing to say.

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07.04.2013 , 05:12 AM | #20
The agent story has something that I didn't find in any of the other stories: It is fine as your first class to play, as your last class or somewhere in the "middle". And replaying it is always fun.

My first character was an agent and it was all fine and nice. The story was really interesting for me, especially all the glimps behind the "curtain" (The dialog with the leading council of the Voss at the end of Voss? Pure genius). After playing the agent I leveled all imperial characters to 50, a smuggler to 50 and started the other republic characters.

Then I changed server (unfortunately without BW support at the time) and had to start again. My first character on the new server was an agent and the experience was completely different. Not only were there real differences for playing light side/dark side (my first agent was mostly dark side, my second one is more or less light side), but also because of all the references. Every story I've played since my first try was somehow touched in the agent story. Sometimes only in small ways, sometimes more direct, but always "plausable". I never had the feeling "a, they've added this just to pad the 'the agent knows everything'-theme".

At the moment I have something like 17 characters and have finished an additional story (consular). Maybe in the next days I will do a new agent, just to check if there are new references and if I am able to find a new variation to play it. Every other class I've replayed I always only leveled by PvP and never for the sake of the story.

So, my short resume would be: The agent story is like a fine wine. You can enjoy it when it is young, but it will also stand the test of time and taste even better years later.
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