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PvP sub 50 adding a skill point almost kills you.Bug or working as intended?

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PvP sub 50 adding a skill point almost kills you.Bug or working as intended?

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06.24.2013 , 01:38 PM | #1

Whilst leveling during the wonderful double XP weekend, I noticed that (for at least sub 50 PvP), any time I had a skill point to spend in my tree (for example I just leveled before the match or I gain a level during the match), whenever I spent it, it would (EDIT) ALMOST (EDIT) kill my character.

For example: On my Jedi Sen. on The Ebon Hawk Server, I gained a level during the ancient pylons warzone. When I committed a change to my skill tree, I lost about 85% of my HP. I have been lucky enough to have been able to spend on 1 skill point in each warzone and can confirm it happens in each one.

How to duplicate:
1.) Level a character after level ten. Find a way so that you will level in a warzone or wait to spend your new skill point from any leveling done
2.) Inside the warzone, either while defending or waiting for it to start (not fighting), add a point into your tree
3.) Look at your health bar and raid text. You will see the message "Low on health" and your health at about 15%

Is this a bug or intended feature for PvP? Never noticed it before. It only happens in PvP warzones. - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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