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Annoying things remaining

GoddessDaVida's Avatar

06.22.2013 , 12:40 AM | #1
Join an ops group, ops leader is in another instance. Say yes and get transferred. When you get there, your above-character health bar will be at maybe 5% to 10%, although the one by your portrait is correct. and at 100%. No amount of healing or enemy damage makes any change to the above-head bar. The fix is ctrl-U, twice. This is annoying because my primary visual focus is on the field of play, not at the lower level bars, which draw too much attention from combat decisions that must be made quickly.

So I do those steps and we start this group and go into our mission. I target an enemy and dispatch him, aided by watching his health bar above his head. Swing over to another mob character, he has no health bar over his head, nor will any others in that mob. So again I must pull my eyes from the action area to look at the portrait area bar. This continues for every remaining enemy in that group... it looks like someone optimized these other health bars out of the fight altogether after the first ones went up. Note I did not say the health bars are broken when I am not in a group. My companion and I can manage a mob just fine if we stay out of a group, and we have all the health bars we need overhead.

I still get XP-boosts that disappear after I log out and log back in later (an hour break for supper). I also find my legacy buffs often gone at the same time. This seems to happen regardless of whether or not crafting missions were underway when I logged out.

The republic side Heroic "Reap the Whirwind" (tatooine) plays the heroic music from the boss fight for 30 or so minutes, by which time I have almost finished the next one, The Long Goodbye. I like the music when I am besting Steel, but you have something in the code that makes it continue to play long after the boss is dead, and it ceases to be amusing.

I am also frequently annoyed by a power bar that I thought was locked allowing me to drag icons off and mix them up. There has to be some way the game determines that bar is locked or not, and the locked and unlocked icons should follow that state all the time, including when the interface is first built. Then, if I fail to notice the unlocked condition, shame on me.