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Stealth Infiltrators versus Defenders Game - June 30th at 1:00 PM EDT

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Stealth Infiltrators versus Defenders Game - June 30th at 1:00 PM EDT

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06.21.2013 , 07:05 AM | #1
The Prophecy of the Five alliance would like to welcome all interested Republic and Imperial players to its first game of

Stealth Infiltrators versus Defenders

Time and Date:
Sunday, June 30, 2013, at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The winning team should receive recognition on the Prophecy of the Five alliance’s website,, recognition in this thread, and 500,000 credits to split amongst the members of the winning team.

Stealth Infiltrators: Get one of your members to the Gree pylon and /dance (unstealthed) on it before 30 minutes have elapsed.
Defenders: Stop the stealth infiltrators from /dancing on the Gree pylon.

1. At least 3 defenders for every stealth infiltrator. If there are more stealthers than this, the stealthers over the limit join the defenders before the game begins.
2. Stealth infiltrators may not respawn when they are killed. They may be resurrected by another member of their team, however.
3. Defenders may respawn or be resurrected.
4. Stealth infiltrators and defenders may not resurrect members of the opposite team.
5. Defenders may not use stealth scan, although gunslingers and snipers may remain in cover to get the bonus to stealth detection.
6. All other abilities - including med-pacs, et cetera - are legal.
7. The game ends in favor of the stealth infiltrators if one of the stealth infiltrators reaches the objective, unstealths, and /dances on it.
8. The game ends in favor of the defenders if all of the stealth infiltrators are killed (with none of their team members left to resurrect them) or if no stealth infiltrator is able to reach the objective, unstealth, and /dance on it by the end of 30 minutes.

Hosting Guild from the Prophecy of the Five Alliance:
The Council of Honor

Player Host (for questions about the event):
Kreldor Imolatine (Republic) / Kreldore Imolatine (Imperial)

What is the Prophecy of the Five Alliance?
The Pot5 (Prophecy of the Five) alliance was founded by a council of Republic and Imperial guilds on the Prophecy of the Five server of Star Wars: The Old Republic. In addition to this website, the Pot5 alliance also has an in-game chat channel. The objectives of the alliance include:

1. To give each guild access to a trusted player base that is larger than that guild would have alone
2. To organize activities both for the alliance and for the Prophecy of the Five server as a whole
3. To supply a community in which players can find players with whom to group for virtually any activity they wish to complete