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Double XP Weekends are back

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Superman_AZ's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 09:07 AM | #41
So 1PM CDT makes it 11AM Pacific time. Can't wait
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Sir_Techman's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 11:16 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Superman_AZ View Post
So 1PM CDT makes it 11AM Pacific time. Can't wait
It's weird though, because it says 1PM CDT and 6PM GMT - 1PM CDT would be 11AM pacific, and 6PM GMT would be 10AM pacific. Hmm...

ImmortalLowlife's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 11:38 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Canmore View Post
these weekends make no sense why would anyone wish to rush through content to reach 55 when there nothing to do then except raid =p
Because u have ppl like me who regularly puts in a 50+hr work week & also has to set aside family time. I've been playing since January, & my highest lvl toon is 42(just hit a few days ago) I'm also an alt'o haulic so I've got 10 different toons I play with. For me dbl xp weekends mean I'll be able to finally see the end of some of my class stories, & I can finally go ahead & buy RotH since I'll finally have characters max lvl to play with!

#team dbl xp weekend EVERY WEEKEND!
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Ciho's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 12:28 PM | #44
Has it started yet?

Tiangchou's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 01:05 PM | #45
It would be really nice if I could get into the game to take advantage of all those points. I'm fed up with the splash screen.

NorchaLV's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 01:26 PM | #46
Yeah, looks like its no xp weekend for some people, because you can't get into the game.

NorchaLV's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 01:27 PM | #47
Once i posted this, i got in the game

ckoneful's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 02:12 PM | #48
I haven't had a single issue logging in >_> so, is it started already?

Jayshames's Avatar

06.21.2013 , 04:47 PM | #49
Thanks for these xp weekends. I missed the last xp weekends (2?) thinking they wouldn't be all that great, though I chose to level my sentinel newbie this time round and it's great.
Already progressed level 17-32 today.
(Yes I've played A LOT )

Jedi_Horton's Avatar

06.22.2013 , 10:18 PM | #50
Dear Bio-Ware,
Please rethink these double xp weekends. As a subscriber, I find it annoying that the PVP is DOWN, group finder is unresponsive even after matching a group and the mail is seriously lagged and/or unresponsive. Your hearts are in the right place. I just don't think you anticipated this flood of F2P people looking for double XP.
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