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New Thing to Exploit on Kaon (HM and SM)?

mbahbapho's Avatar

06.14.2013 , 03:39 AM | #1
Hi guys,

Just wondering whether I am outdated with things to exploit on FP for easy win or if this is just a hoax or sth.

K, last night our GF pop Kaon HM with 2 good geared DPS (me one of em or course ), one standard HM gear, and one crappy geared Tank. We did some suggestion on the tank and bla and bla. And good to go.

We manage to survive till before the turrets phase (that one similar to Collocoid one for tank) and suddenly our healer wanted us not to do the turret for the tank.

He insists that we hit the explosive and just run all the way back to the place where some mobs were earlier (if not mistaken, the first mob encounter with the mercenary one).

This of course, hit my attention and the other DPS to full and ok, let's play along and see how it goes because the healer is so sure this will go smooth. As both of us not known this kind of strategy (we usually do standard tank on turret and 2 DPS protect the heal), we simply follow along.

And wth happen? our group cannot manage and soon wipe happens. Moreover, because we bring the mob too far, as soon as we rez on the start point, it is still considered on fight, then we keep on falling one by one till the other DPS shout "this is bull" and rage quit. I quit as well too

The question is, anyone ever experienced the same or perhaps this is new exploit we can use and it is just we are not doing it right?


Jayshames's Avatar

06.14.2013 , 03:42 AM | #2
I've only seen it once when I PUG'd but at the turrets phase the other 3 in my group (they were premade) got me to follow them back round the corner and climbed up some rocks. We sat there for a good 5 minutes and then all the mobs during the turret phase just ran off and disappeared. The wall was also exploded and we just carried onto the next part.

mbahbapho's Avatar

06.14.2013 , 03:51 AM | #3
The thing is, maybe by your strategy, which is way better, we can skip the mob by placing ourselves in quite a LOS place by mob.

If you would like to share the picture of the place, that will be awesome!

However on my case, the healer insist we run back then DO THE FIGHT THERE!

That is what makes it ridiculous. Why bother run back if we keep fighting normally. I myself prefer tank on turret for additional super DPS (heck, it can one shoot a trash if aimed proper and no lag) and we do DPS and guard the heal....

Hmm, any other thoughts?

TheRampage's Avatar

06.14.2013 , 06:11 AM | #4
You don't fight. All group goes back and climbs on that broken pieces of wall, just near that shuttle. Mobs cant reach you.

I like ti mount turret because I like to kill stuff! But that encounter is too long, pre 2.0 I used to climb there and go AFK gor 5 min...
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