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Installation an update help.

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Installation an update help.

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12.21.2011 , 06:52 AM | #1
Look I don't post on forums often. I don't even know where this thread should go. So if anyone knows an wishes to redirect me that is fine. What I do know is that i'm here to help the masses. Tons of you have gone through a most discerning problem that I recently have found a solution to. If this is you. Then suffer no more. Have you installed the game? Via early game access? Did you play beta? Did you think possibly you should uninstall it an just install it off the disc during release? In hopes that the game on the disc would have the most up to date files an such that would be needed? Yeah, so did I. An since then I could not get the game to work for the life of me. It would start up the launcher. Then say "Launcher is updating. Please wait..." yet nothing would happen. The launcher would close an I couldn't even open it again. Here is the solution. An this works only for the physical version. Sorry digital people. I bought the collectors edition. An if you are having problems via digital I have no way of knowing how to help with that. I just stumbled upon this with the physical.

Step 1:
Uninstall everything. Clean your registry.
Step 2:
Install from disc.
Step 3:
Install client from the site.
Step 4:
Run launcher. If it doesn't work then go into C:/Programs/EA/Bioware/SWTOR/launcher.exe.update Run the launcher in there.
If that doesn't work. An P.S. make sure to run fix launcher each time if it doesn't work. As there is a fix launcher in each folder. An yes if this one doesn't work there is yet again another local.exe.update folder.
Step 5:
Open this other local.exe.update folder. Run the launcher. This is the one that seemed to work for me. It just popped up an let me log in. An begin updating the game. If this does not work for those with physical version then I have no idea what else to do. I figured this might help for some hopefully. I had to post my success.