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New Classes

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10.28.2013 , 12:36 AM | #41
And also you could join particular group ... that would give specific advantages, gear, friends, quests and specialisation

Choosing one type of race (Humans, Close Humans, Specified Alien, Whatever alien) would make different impact on the story

Examples :

A pure blood Sith working for the republic would be hated by the empire and not really welcomed by the republicans

Inferior Alien Species would be hated on Empire Side

Chiss would not be trusted by republicans, but respected by Imperials etc ...

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10.28.2013 , 12:41 AM | #42
This could actually work.

The new class would have to start later chronologically so they didn't have to go back and add much to older planets.

So this new class should start on either Illum, Makeb or Oricon.

Basically similar to how you created Death Knights at level 55 in WoW.
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10.28.2013 , 01:25 AM | #43
The number of people commenting who have absolutely no experience or any clue at all about computer programming, need to stop with the ignorant opinions.

They already have NPCs prebuilt with the models listed in the OP, all they have to do is combine them, sort 'em out, and toss 'em into the game.

Only "content" that would take any time, if at all, is the main class stories, of which, could be as short or as long as they want. If they are advanced classes, introduce them at level 30 or 25 on Nar Shadaa or Tatooine, or Alderaan, and build it off of that. Story missions could be as short as 2 or 3 missions per planet.

Which are so quick and easy to make it's ridiculus on pre established, pre existing material that's already in this game. Companions? they could start out with all droid companions for a droid race/class.

Or they can just mix and match random pre existing races and droids already across the galaxy and make them companions, toss them a vibrosword, or tech staff or whatever the heck you want, and done.

It really does not take that much effort to do whene verything is already in the game. How do you even think or even comprehend game add ons are made for other games? DO you think people come up with all the source codes and programming off their heads and just modify the games they make add ons for? No, they take what is pre existing and copy/past/rewrite scripts/put on a microphone, etc.

In larger companies, and larger games like WoW, how much effort do you really believe goes into creating expansion packs for that game? All they do is remake models, make a new landscape, and toss it out for people to ooh and awe at.

You're lucky if ANY of these additions take any more than 20 mins to 10 hours of time.

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10.28.2013 , 01:31 AM | #44
Even just the fact of creating a droid race alone, outside of making a storyline/plot which would fit most likely to start on Tatooine, all they need to do is look over the existing droids, determine if they want humanoid (2 legs) or the tripod droid templates, determine playstyle if it should be techstaff/vibrosword or BlasterRifle/ Sniper Rifle.

Toss a character creater that they already have in game, to switch heads between droids already in game of the basic chasis they choose, change body sizes/armor plate looks, maybe markings or paint schemes. DONE.

Or you could just have the droid race free-roaming without any backstory at all other than a droid getings its freedom from jawas.

Attack abilities? Steal them from pre existing droid NPCs and companions in game. You're lucky if it'd even take 4 hours to do with ONE person working on it.

If ONE programmer cannot do it, when everything is ALREADY in this game that they need, that programmer needs to be fired and replaced.

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10.28.2013 , 01:40 AM | #45
Only thing they have added/are adding to this game that isn't already pre existing, is the space combat PVP fights they are creating for free roam space PVP.

That is the only thing in existance in this game that isn't already pre existing.

However, the models for the strike fighter, gunship, etc. are already pre existing. Meaning only controls and environment/motion are the only things they are really working on.Everything else such as new races, hell, in one week they can toss out 30 classes and 100 races if they wanted.

There are hundreds of humanoid races in game already, not to mention droids. All of which can be tossed into game as player races, OR new classes.

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10.28.2013 , 11:00 AM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by GrosBen View Post
And also you could join particular group ... that would give specific advantages, gear, friends, quests and specialisation

Choosing one type of race (Humans, Close Humans, Specified Alien..
How can there be Clone Humans when they were jot made for another thousand years.
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10.28.2013 , 01:03 PM | #47
Close Humans = Near Human Aliens

Sry for bad english third language

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10.28.2013 , 01:45 PM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by FullMetalJew View Post
How can there be Clone Humans when they were jot made for another thousand years.
Hi Casso, didn't realize you came on the forums
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10.30.2013 , 09:09 AM | #49
What about Genoharadan? They would make a great unaligned faction. The thought of Assassination to shape the future of Galactic Politics would even make a great campaign.
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03.09.2014 , 07:47 AM | #50
Why not have a droid class? The game has all the engine features needed to do it and droid armour is already a thing!
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