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Achievement Tracking Permanmently Stuck

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Achievement Tracking Permanmently Stuck
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CrazyMcGee's Avatar

08.15.2013 , 07:34 PM | #41
Oh, one more thought I had is that even if this happened to every single APAC player, it might be that not a lot have noticed it yet.

You'd only really notice it if:

a) you were tracking achievements at the time of your original transfers;

b) you have completed achievements since Tuesday which had been completed since transfer (and you remembered that they had been completed, or checked the time/date stamp on them).

So even though it doesn't seem like a lot of people have this issue yet (unless you are getting lots of /bugs), they may not realise it.

It doesn't really seem to have particularly bad effects - none of my achievements seem to be missing or broken. The achievement tracker is really the only problem.

But from BW's perspective, you may be repaying cartel coins, so not sure how worried you are about that!

Only problem will be if there are more after-effects that haven't happened yet - whether re-achieving will cause any conflicts e.g. if you get a title twice and it bugs out so you lose the title, or anything of that nature.

But as I said, it won't have happened much yet.

CrazyMcGee's Avatar

08.18.2013 , 07:04 PM | #42
Grr, this is annoying. The only problem still seems to be the Achievement Tracker - re-achieving things doesn't really bother me.

I'm hoping maybe the space tracker fix in 2.3.1 can help me, but I am worried it's not going to because I have my shadow 2-month-old legacy which will be saying these achievements aren't done.

I really REALLY do not want to have to go and complete these 3 achievements again just to clear my tracker. I might go and see if it actually increases the count if I start doing the Balmorra ones again.

I put in a ticket, but was told I just have to /bug it. Is there no way a CS rep could manually remove these from the tracker? That seems like something they should be able to do?? This only happened because of consolidation - it won't recur, so all I need is someone to untrack these three achievements. Can that really not be done manually?

Based on this thread, it doesn't seem like a lot of people are reporting this issue, so if it is just me, can't we just fix mine?

VuaRapuung's Avatar

08.21.2013 , 10:37 AM | #43
According to patchnotes, today's patch was suppose to fix the problem. Unfortunately, 'Saleucami Fleet Action Mastery' is still stuck in my achievement tracker...

Kazyon's Avatar

08.21.2013 , 10:42 AM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by VuaRapuung View Post
According to patchnotes, today's patch was suppose to fix the problem. Unfortunately, 'Saleucami Fleet Action Mastery' is still stuck in my achievement tracker...
Same, still stuck. One thing I noticed, if I go to the Saleucami Fleet Action Mastery achievement, it shows the date and timestamp being right now. If I wait a few seconds and click it again, the time updates to the current time again. So, it's like it's constantly marking itself complete every second, but without the achievement actually going away.

I'm going to try running the mission and seeing if that triggers an update.

Edit: Just ran the mission and completed every main and bonus objective, including destroying the command ship with a torpedo. Achievement tracker still shows

Saleucami Fleet Action Mastery
0/1 Eliminate Fighters

AzazaelLoki's Avatar

08.23.2013 , 07:25 AM | #45
Still have the two things stuck. Starting to think I will always see them.
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AbsolutGrndZero's Avatar

08.23.2013 , 02:19 PM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen View Post
Hi Tamoxifen,

Thanks for the report! This is strange behavior indeed, but I also know we've had some difficulty with the Space Combat Mission Achievements specifically.

If you (or anyone else!) have seen this issue with Achievements that are not Space Combat related, can you please post the details? I'll keep an eye on this thread for a few days and see if we can get the issue fully locked down. In the meantime, we'll be investigating.

Sorry to slightly hijack this thread, but I have a issue with achievement tracking that I'd like looked into, and it could be related maybe? There are some items that I had before the achievements were implemented, and no matter what I do, equipping the entire set on the same toon, companions, buying new ones, whatever... only part of the set is unlocked.

For example, even wearing the entire slave bikini outfit from Nar Shaddaa, the top and one other piece (I think the hat) refuse to unlock and grant the achievement.

As I said, this could be related in that achievements aren't properly tracking somewhere.
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CrazyMcGee's Avatar

08.25.2013 , 01:11 AM | #47
Hi Amber, just a quick update/recap on my issue (as there don't seem to be a lot of similar reports)...

I'm fairly certain now that I am right that my issue relates to server consolidation. Basically, it looks like when I transferred servers 2 months ago from Dalborra to Harbinger, somehow a copy of my achievements was saved and retained on Dalborra. When Dalborra was consolidated into Harbinger, a copy of my 2-month-old self was transferred to Harbinger, even though I was already there.

So, I now have two simultaneous achievement logs. Anything I have achieved in the last 2 months is still there and still completed and nothing is wrong when I view the achievements e.g. my kill achievements are all counting properly (this is not related to the counting bug we got when we transferred, where we would have e.g. 297/100).

So, my new achievements since transfer are all still fine. But I am re-achieving everything I did since my move to Harbinger. Not really a problem except for the achievement tracker, which has the partially completed achievements from before my transfer, which have since been achieved. There's therefore no way to untrack them because I can't access my "shadow" achievements (although I wonder if a kind CS person could....?).

However, I have tested it today and I can still complete these achievements. So I have now redone two of them and cleared them from my achievement tracker. Essentially problem solved, except I wasted time redoing things I had already done and to clear the last one I am gonna have to kill 513 colicoids. Having already done the achievement once, that's a bit soul destroying!

Anyway, I figure you guys would still want to look into this, even if it turns out not to have happened for many other people (although I suspect it is more common and not being noticed for the reasons I outlined previously).

Although you aren't planning any more consolidations in the future, I wondered if the underlying issues here may also affect people if they were to transfer from one server to another, and then back again. If copies of our old selves are retained on the original server and then merged back incorrectly, this could affect them too, I would guess.

Anyway, I have a solution if I can spare the time and the will to kill all those collicoids! And clearing two of them has helped massively of course, as I now have only one stuck achievement. But it would be awesome if you guys could fix this and save me the time!

PS I attach an official request from Dr Colin Coid who has outlined his arguments against the proposed collicoid culling. Although some consider the insectoids to be a menace, Dr Coid believes they play an important role in balancing the delicate ecological system on Balmorra, especially in light of the recent conflict. I'd be grateful if you could take his arguments into account too please.

AzazaelLoki's Avatar

09.04.2013 , 07:50 PM | #48
I can finally untrack the missions for Javaal and Saleucami, but I can't seem to get them finished. Anyone else get them done?
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VuaRapuung's Avatar

09.05.2013 , 01:18 AM | #49
Yeah, I can untrack the Saleucami Fleet Action Mastery, but I can't get the achievement again. It seems that the mission returned to the way it was bugged before version 2.2.2. Great patch as usual.

AmberGreen's Avatar

09.05.2013 , 08:48 AM | #50 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone,

Achievement Tracking and Space Combat Achievements have been a bit strange, and there's no wonder that there's a lot of confusion right now. Once we were able to lock down the issue with the Achievement Tracker that was reported here, we discovered that one of the things that caused it was that sometimes Achievements (such as the ones you refer to here) would display as "Completed" in the Achievement Window, when they were not actually completed. Achievements that were in this state would appear to be "stuck" in the tracker. Once we fixed the underlying UI bug, any Achievements that appeared to be complete would seem to have had their completion "revoked", though they were never actually complete in the first place.

Now, that's not to say that there may be bugs still preventing them from being completed. We have had reports that some players are able to get the Achievements by rerunning the missions, while others have not. However, because that is a totally different issue than the Achievement Tracker being stuck, I want to close this thread to prevent confusion and to be sure that folks that would like to contribute details about their Space Combat Achievements not granting are able to find the right conversation to do so.

I will be tracking your reports about Space Combat Achievements in this thread.

Thank you to everyone for helping track down this pesky issue! We'll work to ensure that related pesky issues are hunted down.
Amber Green | Live Services Specialist
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