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Win Win for everyone

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06.05.2013 , 02:31 PM | #1
People are complaining about open world pvp and people are complaining about the crafting system. As well people are complaining about storage for sets of armours etc.

So why not trying something that could help it all.

Right now in the story in game there is supposed to be a war going on between the sith and the republic. So I would assume control of planets would go back and fourth as to who controls it.

So why not introduce say 2 or 3 new planets that players and guilds could plant roots maybe and build guild strongholds or cities. Crafters could make the majority of structures but say allow each player to have a house. Bioware could allow crafters to craft some nice houses but they could also offer unique houses aswell on the cartel market and only allow subs to have housing unless they non subs but the unlock. As well if we could decorate our houses then crafters could craft alot of stuff to fill a house so whether you want a house to live or just as storage or just to make it look like a cool base for urself. But also the cartel packs could have rare and unique furniture like paintings or statues or whatever as more of a reason to but cartel packs.

Also the house could be used for storage so whether you are placing mats in a chest or bookcase for storage or have sets of armour set up on display as well so you can show if the gear you have that you are not wearing aswell.

Now for the good part for the pvp part have unique locations on each planet that you would fight over for control the side that controls that planet would have special benefits which could be anything from better stims from a stim vendor or unique gear with pvp bonuses or something else I am sure there can be a benefit to hiding a planet aswell if it is a planet controlled by the sith but there are republic cities then those republic cities could have patrols of sith NPC elites patrolling the streets. This would make pvp mean something and it would reflect the war going on in the story right now or pvp is in warzones which have no impact on the game who ever wins. As well our warzones do not really help push the war in any way.

I think offering player cities could help crafters feel more important aswell help open world pvp to push the story of the war as well bioware can take use of this to sell more cartel packs and cartel coins for people to unlock items aswell as player perks.

I know player housing has gotten bashed in the past but it has worked well in past games and has been asked for alot so I am thinking since te player base in the game has shrunk maybe it's time we look at it as a way to get back some if that player base offering what they have wanted. For those who don't want to have a house you don't have to have one but if you like pvp then you can still participate in the pvp aspect of it. As well the non pvp servers this would add more of a role play element to their servers.

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06.05.2013 , 05:08 PM | #2
It would add alot to do in game without having to add alot.