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Addons in Swtor

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05.14.2014 , 12:41 PM | #251
I'm okay with addons as long as they're not part of Operations and Warzones - basically no Deadly Boss mods or anything.

If they created an addon that allowed me to keybind my favourite emotes I'd love that, but an addon that tells me how to win a warzone would ruin the game for me.
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05.14.2014 , 02:33 PM | #252
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSothoth View Post
Threat clearly isn't a problem, generally, in this game. Threat meter is not necessary. Raid mechanics in any MMO including WoW are pretty easy to see and deal with without an addon like DBM or whatever. I endgame raided in wow, healing and dps, for years, effectively only running a damage/hps meter and bejeweled. (No addon raid frames or UI changes) Most addons in WoW are not raid related, they are comfort and easy of life "improvements." *hint the quotations

I am also of the opinion that people who are adamantly against dps meters are the people who are usually at the bottom of them, taken from experience in WoW. For maximizing the effectiveness of a group, knowing who isn't pulling their weight and how to help them is probably the best thing for the group, and the person, and a DPS Meter is where that starts. The Active Logging technique is an essentially effective replacement but to watch it continuously while practicing and closing up gaps in your rotation might require a second monitor and not everyone has the capability or money to run one. If they put one in the game it wouldn't take much effort to add one.
this functionality exists. my guild uses it all the time. yes it works in real time, though there are occasional snags. there's also ability to upload your parses and analyze them at leisure. parsec, torparse take your pick. not sure if Moxx is still functioning.

and the reason I love them is because its entirely voluntary. if you want other people to see your performance? you have to agree to it. if you want to measure your own performance in peace? you can do so. hell, one of my guildies, legic broke his weapon, practicing on a parsing dummy to refine his rotation and understanding of the new spec he was learning.

its here. for the people who want to use it for good? it already exists. yes, with in game overlay.

the problem with recount is that becasue its just grabbed everyone indiscriminately, everywhere you run - you had too many people looking at raw numbers without understanding what they actualy mean and make other players lives unfun (and that's a mild word for it.)

we do NOT need reccount. or scada. we already have the tools we need to improve. could they be better? of course! but the fun thing is, decent raiders in wow? didn't rely on reccount as be all end all either. if you wanted to raid progression with them? they wanted to see your logs (I've seen "world of logs" to be most commonly used back when I still enjoyed raiding in WoW). only people who merely think they are good, idolize reccount like addons.

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05.14.2014 , 02:39 PM | #253
Quote: Originally Posted by DimmuJanKaarl View Post
What are some examples of addons used with other games? I'm not sure i understand to what the op is referring. would something like a live dps meter be an addon?
For example, you can have a character sitting at the AH (aka GTN) scanning the market. Then you buy underpriced items to resell at a profit. You can control a market easier. Special/rare high demand items you can buy up and relist a crazy high prices. It effectively helps the rich. Yes someone can do that now but this makes is very easy.

Wow had addons to tell players when to push certain buttons. Some of those "QOL" "issues" were alarms so you "didn't need to pay attention".
Example, you need to remove a debuff on a teammate, you had to look for it (aka pay attention) but the alarm points out the player X needs debuff removed. They say since it is already there it should be ok but it really is taking a lazy player route. BTW, if it is there you don't need the alarm.
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05.14.2014 , 02:42 PM | #254
Quote: Originally Posted by AshlaBoga View Post
If they created an addon that allowed me to keybind my favourite emotes I'd love that, but an addon that tells me how to win a warzone would ruin the game for me.
I'm in favor of this. Not being able to assign emotes to toolbar slots is a bummer for any slow/bad typist like myself.

I'm against addons that affect, in any way, skill usage. The exception would be something similar to plugins used in LOTRO for mounts. I'd like to have an addon that allows me to pick which mount I want to ride. Right now, there just aren't enough toolbar slots for them all. Oh, and pets, too. An addon with a minimenu for pets would be nice and save some toolbar space.

EDIT: And while I'm thinking of LOTRO plugins, the Travel addon would be nice. I have too many toolbar slots occupied by Fast Travel skills.

Tazhok's Avatar

05.14.2014 , 05:26 PM | #255
My world for an Alt-o-haulic!!!! What recipe do I have/need? Where did I put those mats.... which toon has which gear... as alt friendly as this game is (working on my 9th 55); we need an Alt-o-Haulic

Halinalle's Avatar

05.14.2014 , 10:26 PM | #256
Things I don't want to see:
- Healers become lazy and start healing tank only when he/she drops below 30% (this is already happening with Shadows/Assassins)
- Tanks become lazy with their dps once they notice they have generated all the threat they need.

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08.10.2014 , 11:25 AM | #257
Quote: Originally Posted by Ultramecha View Post
I'm curious if the developers have considered changing their minds on having addons. Many features people want could be quickly implemented if they allowed them. This means more bug fixing and content development time.
i completely agree with this statement. i run tank and there are quite a few addons that i used in WoW as a tank that i would love to be implemented in SWTOR!

Comradebot's Avatar

08.10.2014 , 11:27 AM | #258
It's aliiiiiiiiiive!

But seriously, no. WoW was one of the very, very few MMOs to allow it and it was obnoxious. May add ons rot elsewhere.
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08.10.2014 , 11:42 AM | #259
All of you go back to WoW. And stay there.

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08.10.2014 , 02:29 PM | #260
Hundreds of thousands posts later we are still here, that's funny.

In generally speaking SWTOR UI isn't that bad.

Still there are even a few things that are totally unacceptable for an AAA game like:
  1. Hot key not copied for new characters
  2. Friend lists not being shared/copied between characters of the same faction.
  3. Email not auto-filling alts names
  4. Can't organize companions skills nor set them in player's bars
  5. Can't resize nor manage buffs and debuffs display separately
  6. Can't resize (=/= scaling) any UI frame
  7. Being required to either type emotes commands or having to browse sub menus to activate them
  8. Can't have more than 6 quick slot bars
  9. Can't have a decent world map, can't even browse it remotely
  10. Can't do GTN searches with more than 2 spaces in the name even less use wildcards or have searches with enough characters
  11. Can't have decent crafting filters
  12. Can't have mats or dedicated bags with auto filling/sorting
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