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Is it worth coming back?

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06.03.2013 , 11:47 AM | #21
Patron 1: "Hey!! How's that pasta?"

Patron 2: "Best pasta here in a long time, you gotta try it!"

Patron 3: "Worst pasta evar! It will make you puke!!"

Patron 4: "Wut? Sorry.. I was busy eating this fine pasta"

Patron 5: "Dude! Waaaaaay better then your Mom's Pasta! It's got bacon in it!"
See what I did there? I demonstrated, by analogy, how there is only one way to know the answer OP.... IS to try it and decide for yourself. Why? Because an internet gaming forum is a lousy place to get answers that are relevant to your personal tastes.
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06.03.2013 , 11:54 AM | #22
I'll try to be completely honest with you OP.

If you only do PvP, then DO NOT PLAY this game. Fanboys won't like what I said, but it is true. The PvP is still the same crap thing - with more bugs and a couple more WZs.

But, if you do PvE then yes, there is a lot of new and exciting content you'll problably like.

Now, even if you only PvP you might enjoy for a couple months untill you realize the real state of the game. I guess the best way is to test by yourself.

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06.03.2013 , 12:19 PM | #23
You're level of enjoyment in the game cannot be defined by others. Some like it, some don't. But asking us for our opinions is pointless. You must formulate your own.
Reminder: Mechanized posting is for non-trolling business only. Enjoy your stay.
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06.03.2013 , 01:19 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Thundergulch View Post
This is complete fail.
Highest priced? By what? 1 dollar per month?
The stuff that requires real money is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.
As a subscriber you get everything, except fluff.
Fluff is not required to play this game.
Actually the difference per cost a month is closer to $5/month and it varies from game company to game company.
You are right, the stuff that takes real money is optional and fluff; which most other companies provide most of that fluff at no cost at all to both subscribers and FTP (Subscribers get more free fluff to play with, ha ha ha)
And I agree with you fluff is not required to play the game, I don't believe I ever said that. it was.

The cost part, I paid nearly $15/month for a three month subscription of SWTOR while LOTRO is almost $10/month for a three month subscription if you need an example. And LOTRO for that $10/month has a lot more material to experience, and more built-in fluff than SWTOR at no additional cost. Think of the economic concept of "value" and you may see where I am coming from, that is the amount of services provided by LOTRO is greater than SWTOR and to make matters worse its also cheaper.


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06.03.2013 , 10:37 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Janglor View Post
Well considering I havent played consistently for several years I dont expect to win right off the bat, PvP takes practice. I saw your thread throwing a fit about getting owned, dont bring your QQ into my genuine inquiry about the state of the game.
I really have no idea how people came to that conclusion.

The whole thing happened with a guy on my team. I'm baffled at the IQ's in the place.