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Macrobinocular Heroic Mission – Bugged!

WildbloodX's Avatar

05.31.2013 , 09:35 AM | #1
Ok so a friend and me started this quest in NS and quickly found out it was plagued with bugs! We entered it, did all the jumping (cool level btw), got to the final boss after dealing with mob after mob resetting and being forced to kill them multiple times. At the final boss we realized being a tank and healer we could not do enough damage to take him down. We battled him for 45 minutes straight and all his damage droids just remained stuck in mid-air with death states so we could barely see the boss to fight him.

We finally realized we could not defeat him with his healing power, and grabbed another player to help beat it. We then found out that even after resetting the phases the new player could not select the platform that takes you to the jumping phase.

We had to both reset the entire instance and scan all the nodes again before the new player would play the level. Ooh but the bug hell is not done yet. I reached the final boss’s ship and our DPS fell to his death before reaching the ship. He was then reset outside the jumping phase and could no longer select the platform! W T F! Please fix this level so we can complete the content!