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Busted codex...still?

Aebrynis's Avatar

05.30.2013 , 02:49 PM | #1
With update 2.1.1, EAWare still couldn't figure out how to repair a previously-functioning flashpoint/ops codex entry system?

Would it be too much to ask for just a response to the query whether or not EAWare even intends to fix this? Or whether they will provide missing codex entries retroactively if a character levels past the flashpoint/op after completing it? I'm getting discouraged with the same boilerplate pablum that in-game 'help' cuts and pastes into the reply box. If you don't intend to fix it, fine, please say so. If you intend to fix it, great, please say so. But stop saying the same non-answer every time. This is starting to border on the patently absurd.