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What's your sweetest victory? (4-man Zorn & Toth EC HM)

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What's your sweetest victory? (4-man Zorn & Toth EC HM)

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05.31.2013 , 08:28 AM | #11
Hmmm, I have two that are tied.

1) Healing NiM Jarg and Sorno waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when. That fight was (is) one of the hardest in game. The stress level was there and everyone was taking loads and loads of damage. When it finally went down................I never wanted to see it again!

2) 16 Man NiM Firebrand and Stormcaller. As a dps that fight was a HUGE check for awareness and actual output. I had to push my class further when we were progressing on it. It felt good, real GOOD to down it
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05.31.2013 , 09:11 AM | #12
These are all great stories thank you all for sharing!
I can definitely relate to LI HM (friends refused to try SM, so we got our behinds handed to us) and SOA victories

I only recently killed Kephess EC NM, so kudos to getting that done at level 50. Fight is intense!

And, I agree on Jarg and Sorno, BRUTAL in Columi gear, I thought it was the hardest fight to heal as well... until first attempt of Dread Masters in Black Hole gear ouch... Right now, I would have to say Thrasher HM takes the cake

Here's to hoping the new FP gives us a challenge for smaller groups

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05.31.2013 , 09:29 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Taleaboi View Post
And, I agree on Jarg and Sorno, BRUTAL in Columi gear, I thought it was the hardest fight to heal as well... until first attempt of Dread Masters in Black Hole gear ouch... Right now, I would have to say Thrasher HM takes the cake
I honestly think that NiM Jarg and Sorno is harder to heal than the Dread Guard in 8 man. 16 man Dread Guard has a couple different tank-hitting abilities that require some serious healer awareness to deal with, but J&S has those sorts of abilities in every mode for the entire raid. It's just non-stop, unrelenting damage with big, frequent spikes. It was the first fight in which I broke 2k EHPS on my commando (pre-2.0, obviously). I didn't break that line again until a really, really fail 16 man Dread Guard HM run, where I had 2.1k-ish (effective).

I know healers that still couldn't heal NiM J&S even in Dread Guard gear. When unmitigated gear smashing isn't enough to boost a fail healer's output enough to match the fight, you know it's gotta be good. Overall, NiM J&S is one of the few bright spots in the launch content (and it wasn't even there at launch!). I still really enjoy the fight on any class.
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05.31.2013 , 09:31 AM | #14
Soloing ratcatcher with my merc and Mako after 15 tries

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05.31.2013 , 09:39 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by partylikeaturtle View Post
. Only difference is that at lvl 55, the pillar doesn't kill healers :
Yeah, I was 50 in columi gear with a little Rakata. So a stiff breeze would have killed me back then.

People bringing up Jarg and Sorno made me remember. My first alt after my main sawbones is an Infiltration shadow. Still is my favorite class to solo play with. When she first hit 50, I was healing random guild runs and alliance runs on my sawbones anytime I was not locked out, guild master thought I may quickly get burned out, so he started getting me to come on their runs on my shadow (I still don’t think she has been in SM EV or KP. I got a little gear from HMFP and ran both EV and KP on HM, third Operation they took me too was NIM KP. I had healed it many times, most likely had been there more times than anyone in the group, just not as DPS. We have 3 mDPS, I am setting there listening to the raid leader give instructions, next thing I hear is the raid leader say that I am on Jarg……Jarg, everything I have read said keep melee away from Jarg. I start think about all my defensive cooldown, force speed and how to max my dps at the same time. We start the fight, I am super nervous. Thinking to myself why did he put me of all people on Jarg. He should have put a more experience dps player on Jarg. The fight went perfect, infiltration burst dps was perfect for the fight, I hit my defensive cooldowns at the right times, force speed was always up for the probes. Anytime I did have to back off, project was up. We easily one shot them, not only that the two better mDPS players on Sorno never had to come over to even up the dps, as a matter of fact we were always ahead of them (mainly thanks to the other rdps on Jarg). Now they were all Rakata, we have great healers and tanks, but still I was rather proud of myself because the guildleader trusted me to be on Jarg as mDPS and that I did not let him down.

Now my shadow does not do many operations, but any time we do HM/NIM KP or SM TfB, I try to talk them into letting me take her instead of my other dps, I feel Jara and Sorno and Terror are the only fights designed for an Infiltration Shadow. Otherwise I take my watchman or sawbones.

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05.31.2013 , 05:12 PM | #16
Guild wise, most satisfying kill for Covenant Shadows 8M HM Tanks. Through two different ops groups (not IDs, but actual raid rosters due to people leaving and recruiting) finally dropped them.

My personal sweetest victory, amongst our first few kills of Kephess in TfB We had two kills in a row where I was the only one left alive, and solo kited the circles for the last sub 8%ish to the kill.

KBN can attest to just how durable and the survivability of my PT though.

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05.31.2013 , 06:15 PM | #17
Killing Operator IX in TfB HM just recently. That was the best thing that ever happened in my raiding career.
I joined a little after work guild and almost directly joined one of the raid groups. They were doing Denova HM at the time and we spend so much time wiping on Kephess. Again and again and again and again. We only got him down shortly after 2.0, though that didn't really feel as awesome as downing Operator IX since we were overleveling and overgearing the fp and had two different people with us.
So, the other raid group in our guild cleared Denova in January thus leading them to feeling superior in comparison to us, which of course annoyed the hell out of us. So we wanted to kill Operator as fast as possible since they have been wiping on him since they finished Denova. We got two different DPS, due to one quitting the game and the other being incompatible with us and finally cleared TfB HM. Before the other group. We were shouting in TS and raving in guild chat. That was the absolutely best moment. We cleared the op and we showed them that we could do it (since they said we weren't ready for hm ops and couldn't do damage with our measly gear [we were in 69's!]).
Man, that was so incredibly exciting. Half of the raid died due to error with the deletion protocol but we downed him. I was literally shaking after it because I got so excited and couldn't calm down for hours and when I went to bed I was just laying there and grinning to myself. This was just the best thing ever.