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The Talisman (lvl 55 op or fp)

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05.29.2013 , 04:28 PM | #1
Just an idea using a little expanded universe history. Enjoy.

For hundreds of years, rakghouls were abominations, scorned by the like of all. They were murderous monsters, the subjects of sith sorcery. The creator of these abominations was the sith lord Muur, who perfected the art of turning creatures into his own creations that solely obeyed him.

Like many of the ancient sith, he cursed one of his possessions, a Talisman, that had the power to transform others into rakghouls. The problem with this was that when not near their talisman, the rakghouls would turn into mindless monsters.

After a group of Mandalorians hunting on Taris found this artifact, they took it on as a trophy. But the spirit of Muur corrupted them. They turned into rakghouls, and the spirit of Muur has bound himself to one, becoming the embodiment of Muur himself.

Now he has been raising an army to overthrow the empire itself. He is disgusted by the way it has changed since the golden age of the sith and plans to turn it back to its glory days through his knowledge. His army of the infected now drift on a stolen imperial dreadnought heading toward the jungles of Dromund Kaas to overthrow the Empire and soon after use the united army of sith and rakghouls to then destroy the republic.

The goal is to banish Muur's spirit back into the Talisman and prevent him from gaining more rakghouls for his army. If he gets to Dromuund Kaas, the future will not bode well for anyone, whether it be the Empire or Republic.
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