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Scheduled Maintenance: May 30th, 2013 [UPDATED]

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Scheduled Maintenance: May 30th, 2013 [UPDATED]
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.29.2013 , 05:00 PM | #11
Great... glad for updates and fixes and unicorns and more ways to get my money from the Cartel market, but now can one of the Dev's please wake me when you have Server transfers implemented???


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05.29.2013 , 05:19 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by jankiel View Post
And quite a lot other european ones.
I remember the Makeb start, when the english community complained and BW changed the Server downtime, I doubt they will do it for the european customers as well. We in Europe are just not important as the ones in their Country.

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05.29.2013 , 05:19 PM | #13
what about us +10 GMT people who come home from work for a regular scheduled raid and get curb stomped?

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05.29.2013 , 05:22 PM | #14
Glad to see so many fixes!
It's great that you've been posting the patch notes early lately.

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05.29.2013 , 05:27 PM | #15
Mandalorian Raiders

Players are no longer able to defeat Gil without being attacked by jumping onto the shuttle docked near the encounter.
About time! I hated pugs that forced me to use a stupid exploit.

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05.29.2013 , 05:31 PM | #16
Thanks for posting, Amber. Any clarification on the proc relics? What I mean is that before PVP relics procced independently off of heals and damage, but PVE relics did not. Has that been fixed as well as the two tiers stacking?

I know there was also some concern that damage proc and power proc were locking each other out and am curious if that was investigated. Inquiring minds want to know before we turn in our Unassembled Underworld relics!
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05.29.2013 , 05:33 PM | #17
Players no longer receive mail from Vector that alludes to a companion which has not yet joined the Imperial Agent story.
lol, someone want to tell me what that's about? I don't recall ever getting letters from him, must be a romance thing.
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05.29.2013 , 05:56 PM | #18
So, let me get this straight...

The MCR-99 droid achievements were hidden for a reason. You didn't know they were there until you scanned one. It was something all interested parties would find eventually and it was actually given to you on the first planet - when you picked the missions up on Coruscant and Dromund Kass, 1 of the items you were told to find on that planet was one of the droids. The corresponding achievement now appeared in it's proper place.

The achievement was hidden as the droids were. Bioware got this right for once, and had been for a while, really. You weren't spoon-fed directions on how to find or hatch an Orokeet egg, just given tiny hints once you found a piece of the puzzle. Hell, think about what it took for someone to figure out the Taunlet catch or the Magenta Crystal quest. Those were secrets and the community was just supposed to figure it out.

I spent a lot of time on this one. I, as the damn guild leader, didn't do anything with the guild for days after 2.0 was released because I was searching for all those droids. I had found well over half of them before there was even a thread about them here on the site - started my search at the end of the 10th and never let up. Maybe that's why I feel a little strongly about this one.

The Magenta Crystal quest? You still can't find a single hint or objective prodding you to do something in-game. Taunlet? Orokeet? Same thing. But now we have an achievement road-map pointing to these droids on every planet.

And they didn't stop there. It got worse. I'm assuming here that the lazily-labeled "MCR-99" Achievement referred to in the patch notes is actually "The Droids You're Looking For", since there is no "MCR-99" achievement and that took me 8 seconds to look up. That achievement is rewarded for completing the Droid Reconnaissance achievements on each planet. The huge glaring problem with that? That achievement and the actual CURRENT requirement for getting the MCR-100 pet are worlds apart. Literally.

Problem #1: Completing 'The Droids You're Looking For' requires character of both factions who have obtained their starships. The actual MCR-100 requirements do not - you can get the pet without having ever logged over to the opposite faction. You are simply supposed to find all the droids a character of your faction can conceivably scout on the same character. People got the in-game mail with no pet without having a character on the opposite faction. Now, this other possible route to the droid requires that you do both. That's simply wrong. But even after all that, it doesn't actually make this route to the pet harder. The 2 points below illustrate that.

Problem #2: 'The Droid You're Looking For' is an achievement. Achievements are legacy-wide. You can complete half the planets on one, a third on another and the rest on a third. However, doing so under the current requirement for the pet would leave you with an achievement and nothing else. You will still have to go to one of those characters and find the rest of the droids ON THAT CHARACTER in order for that character to get the pet. That's a requirement that's being ignored entirely now, and I heavily disagree with them so drastically changing a secret quest like this. They didn't do it for any of the others, yet they've got to break one of the only good streaks they've had going this whole time.

Problem #3: The worst of them. Currently, all of the Droid Reconnaissance achievements (or at least every single one of them I ran into) are bugged. You can log into your first character, scan your first droid on Balmorra, log into another character, and scan that same droid again. You will then have 2/6 for Balmorra. I had Droid Reconnaissance achievements and the 'The Droids You're Looking For' achievement without actually having found all the droids. I had actually NEVER EVEN BEEN to the Parekta Mesa on Makeb. Not on any character. Yet, I had the achievement for the planet and the final achievement. You can scan the same droid on 6 different characters and get all the achievements. Does this fit, at all, into the very flavorful requirement of finding all droids on the same character to get the in-game mail and pet? Not one bit.

And that's another thing - since we're awarding it for an achievement now, do all characters get it instead of the one that did the mission? Even worse - now your little level 1 who's never even seen a set of macrobinoculars will have their own MCR-100 waiting for them in the mail when you first create the character.

Why make such a drastic change to something that was working so fine? There were, of course, still bugs - the mail didn't come with the pet and the pet, once awarded by customer service, didn't show. But the actual accomplishment requirements? Safely hidden and working right. Instead of fixing just those two bug above, they break the whole damn system.

Why, Bioware? Please give me a response to that. It's a small and simple one.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamChattaway View Post
doe snot
No referral link for you. I don't want you to subscribe to this 'game'. I don't want you to play it at all. I want you to go away from this broken mess that will never be fixed and find something else.

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05.29.2013 , 06:09 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_of_Mu View Post
About time! I hated pugs that forced me to use a stupid exploit.
Exactly... Lazy pugs....

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05.29.2013 , 06:42 PM | #20
Turncoat outfit... Pfff. Doesn't sound like any Jedi robe. How long until we get some traditional Jedi outfitting which was "in plans"? Eric said so aaaaaages ago. *cries*

Do I need to throw more money?

The Huttsbane Armor Set is now discounted by 50%. Cost: 450 Cartel Coins

Lol. Probably because nobody requested and nobody bought it. Can we finally get appropriate Star Wars and Jedi outfits?