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Suggestion: Don't let F2P need on off-stat items.

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Suggestion: Don't let F2P need on off-stat items.

Vandrain's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 09:53 AM | #1
As the title says. 50% of them just need without looking and the other 50% need it for Mako. And after the party made it clear for them that they are not having common decency they cant trade it to anyone.

Please make it so that they can only need on items benefiting their specific class in Flashpoints. Or if you are feeling cheerful, let them at least trade.

jedip_enguin's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 10:24 AM | #2
Show us on the doll where the bad f2player touched you.
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Vandrain's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 10:39 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by jedip_enguin View Post
Show us on the doll where the bad f2player touched you.
Mostly on the right side but no bets were off.

nateslice's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 10:41 AM | #4
I think he's making a pretty good point. The fact that F2Pers can't trade does make it more of a problem when they click Need on something it turns out they can't use.

KurganNazzir's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 10:45 AM | #5
I forget, can the items only be traded during a certain time or can they also be mailed? If they can be mailed, at least Preferred players can do that; I can't recall if completely free accounts can send mail since I've never had a free account. If they can't be mailed, maybe BioWare should make it so if the trade is initiated by a subbed player then the other player can trade.
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JimG's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 12:02 PM | #6
How about we just prevent everyone from needing an off-stat items. There are plenty of subs that do this too. A few people in our 16 person Xeno HM Ops PUG group were pretty ticked last night when some dummy playing a Sage needed on both pieces of loot at the end even though one was heavy armor with Aim stats and the other was heavy armor with strength/end stats. Considering that Sages can't equip heavy armor and their main stat is Willpower that was very uncool. Everyone else had selected greed and this dummy snuck in with a need roll after everyone else had selected greed. And then slinked quietly out of the group without a word when a couple of people spoke up about it. At least F2P players are more likely to do it because they don't understand how the game works, etc. and you can still fix it with a trade if you explain things to them. Subs have no excuse.

SW_display_name's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 02:15 PM | #7
Don't let anyone in Group Finder Need on off-stat items.

You know what I see more often than anything? This scene:
  • F2P: Why did you Need on that?
  • Sub: Oops, sorry. Let me trade it to you.
  • Sub: Oh, crap, I can't trade it because you're F2P. Sorry man.

Oblivious, selfish, or clueless rolls are not constrained to F2P, and they hurt good F2P's as much as anyone else. A few days ago, a level 53 Marauder took a 46-item-level Cunning upgrade from my Operative Healer because "Endurance is Marauder's primary stat" and the item gave him "400 more health", so "he deserved it more than me".

He was a subscriber.

TheNahash's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 02:19 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by jedip_enguin View Post
Show us on the doll where the bad f2player touched you.
I loled

Vinjar's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 02:45 PM | #9
How do you know what F2P player rolled on? To date, I have seen nothing that specifically shows me if someone in my group is subbed or F2P.

Subbed players were doing this waaaay before F2P was introduced. You entitled people are all the same. You see F2P players as undeserving or even a sub class of player. Don't forget, without F2Pers, your group finder may not have even put that group together.

KorathTheCool's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 02:50 PM | #10
How about, don't let ANYONE need on off-stat items? Sorted.