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high level comp tank gearing

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high level comp tank gearing

swtonewbie's Avatar

05.25.2013 , 06:26 AM | #1
Hey everybody,

I have a 48 about to be 49 Sniper (marks) I've been using my ranged tank comp since Hutta and switched to my melee tank comp once i got her. Not gonna name their names due to spoiler reasons. But anyways on release i was hearing that some of the comp tank stats werent working like they were supposed to. I dont know exactly what it was, but IIRC it was shield chance and shield absorp not working properly (or at all?). Is this still the case now?

Do melee tanking comps respond better to one tanking stat over another?

Would prefer factual information instead of guesses or assumptions. I can make my own guesses and assumptions, but thats not what i am wanting to do. I do see the stats raise when i add more shield rating/absorb, but i wanted to be sure that the character display wasnt bugged, or that comp tanking mechanics werent bugged.
I'm not really a noob...

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05.25.2013 , 03:36 PM | #2
i have an OP at 55..i used always the ranged tank and i'm sure it works fine.
i used a bit also the melee tank and it worked fine..i don't remember which stats he uses..but that issue is present for the first companion of the jedi consular and he has the ''wrong'' stat in all the gear he gets.
so check the starting gear and go with the stat it has.
if you are not sure..just raise your presence by gaining max affection and collecting datacrons. there are also stims at cantinas.

swtonewbie's Avatar

05.25.2013 , 03:47 PM | #3
I was referring to the defensive stats, not the main stats.

shield rating
shield absorb

Do those have any affect at all for companions? But i dont want to just go off of what the character window says. As mentioned in my OP, when the game was first released i heard that some of the tanking stats didnt work for companions so it was a bit buggy back then. I suppose i could test it out really quick by putting a regular generator on them or just by turning their tanking stance off and compare their incoming damage taken.

EDIT: also on a side note, i've never noticed the first Jedi Consular comp coming with the wrong gear when you first get him. He is a tech based melee tank so that means he wears heavy armor with aim and he uses tech blades also with aim. Now the Sith Inquisitor also gets a melee tank as their first comp but that one is strength based with heavy str armor, and vibroblades with str. I've rolled a bunch of each and i've never seen either of them come with the wrong gear type.
I'm not really a noob...