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Elite crafting.

Coveii's Avatar

05.24.2013 , 09:13 AM | #1
Ok... some may know of the cybertech/synth bug that requires some of our items be "reversed-engineered" by armormech or somesuch. Bioware replied to one thread stating it's been placed on "issues" list.

Anyway, was thinking to myself...why not have cross crew skill requirements.

Basically, if you need A + B + C = item X (elite gear), whereas A and B are both gather crew items(regular/regular), then C would be an item ONLY crafted by another crew skill.(I know my logic statements are phrased horribly).

For example, Cybertech. Droid "sensorr super" needs X amounts of graded 9 metals, Y amounts of grade 9 rare mettals, Z amounts grade 9 underworld metals and newly required Armsmech accuracy components). Each crew craft can make from 1-2 "needed " components for the other crafting skills?

yes, more annoying but potentialls more satisfying that current crew skills. This is especially the case of the elite tier crafting...has more usuage that the lvl 450 stuff currently available... think arkanian level stuff.

On a side note, Why not increase crafting to 4 crewskills now... maybe as a legacy/cartel unlock?

Mhorlok's Avatar

05.25.2013 , 08:25 AM | #2
I realise this is not what your post is about but I thought I would take the opportunity anyway...

I am a Master Craftsman - all tradeskills to 450 (not for a single toon but ALL)
I took my Synthweaving parts that say they need to have Advanced Armoring and attempted to reverse engineer them with my Armormech toon and I cannot it says I do not have the appropriate skill

So these items are just plain broken.

I know you were asking "Why not allow elite crafting" but I wanted to point out this current mess is a bug and an expensive one... since I typically use the broken pieces to get Mk-9 kits

Also not being able to reverse the Driod Components on my cybertech is annoying - can't get purples - hell can't even get blues

Mozivicus's Avatar

05.25.2013 , 11:39 AM | #3
Since I have all of the crafting and gathering skills across my account, I think it would be nice to have crafted wares be dependent on other professions.

I assume I'm following you. You want cybertechs to make something and then have armormech "need" that crafted item to craft an armormech ware. Correct?

I think it would add more life to the economy/GTN.