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Thanks for the good times

Aussie_ay's Avatar

05.24.2013 , 06:06 AM | #1
I would just like the thank Bioware / EA for supporting APAC servers for aslong as you could

As this was one of the only likeable mmos on the market for past few years that supported such servers I would like to thank you for making this happen

I have tried the US servers and I am extremely disappointed with the latency so I will most likely unsubscribe when the transfers come along

Thank you again for the providing us oceanic players with home servers to play on as it was such a massive relief to be playing at roughly 30ms(it was a great experience)

If anyone would like some of the stuff I have on my toons I have characters on Dalborra and Master Dar'Nala which I will be giving away close to the transfers

Thank you and Regards