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Zellous's Avatar

05.23.2013 , 01:17 AM | #1
I would like to see this world event return. If so what would you like to see change?

JPryde's Avatar

05.23.2013 , 01:18 AM | #2
I would like all the rakghouls to be replaced by wookiees, so that I can legally slaughter those vermin for a week and even get rewards for it.
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tman_ac's Avatar

05.23.2013 , 01:33 AM | #3
I wouldn't change anything at all about the event, as it was by far the best event ever in this game.

Maybe recolor the rakghoul pets so we get some other colored ones.
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prokonto's Avatar

01.24.2014 , 09:58 AM | #4
I would change disease part for shure... that blow up thing is just stupid.
Let us trully turn into rakghouls & hunt for disease spread when not infected try stop ghouls by killing them.
Ofc some revard mechanic for both sides should be implemented & u could heal from sickness before final transformation if u dont wanna participate.
For now its just booring:/