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Heroic Kiosk by starport on every planet...

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Heroic Kiosk by starport on every planet...

LordArtemis's Avatar

05.20.2013 , 06:33 AM | #1
I think a heroic kiosk should be available outside each starport on planets, unlocked after you finish the class story and bonus questline.

The way it would work is simple. It gives you a quest to each NPC and bounty board that provides the quest with no XP. This way the missions appear on the map.

By providing this it would make it much easier to get a group together and run the heroics on a particular planet. You could even add this list to the dailys and weeklys (listed by planet) to fill out the system nicely.

In other words...

Belsavis Daily - Finish all Heroic quests on Belsavis.
Planetary Weekly - Finish all Heroic quests on all planets.

Something to this effect.