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Armour texture and mesh issues (listing)

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Armour texture and mesh issues (listing)

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05.19.2013 , 03:34 PM | #1
I’ve listed numerous mesh and texture related issues below, I’m sure many would like to see them fixed. Some are minor but some are rather major (seriously messed up). I've also emailed this to support. Reporting anything with the in-game support thingy seems to be completely useless from my experience. All these problems give sloppy and cheap feeling about the came, let alone the "we do not care" feeling. I keep adding more issues once I spot them.

Example image (Figures 1-12)

Gap between hood and character’s back (female body type 2). Figure 1.

- Supreme Inquisitor’s Robe
- Jedi Myrmidon’s Chestguard
- Reinforced Hollinium Chestguard
- Force Battle Chestguard (republic variant)
- Pretty much every hood in the game has this issue; however, Traditional Thermoweave Vestments (empire variant) does not have that gap. Figure 2.

“Broken” cloth animation in Warbringer’s Body Armor, it doesn’t react to legs touching it. Gender or body type doesn’t seem to matter. Figure 3.

- There are many variants with different texture but same mesh, heavy and medium armours. All empire versions have this issue.
- Warrior’s Pulsing Chestguard, Indignation Chestguard…

Floating shoulder guards (female body type 2, at least). Figure 4.
- Sorcerer Expert Vestments

Broken mesh for Tionese Force-Mystic’s Boots (and probably other boots that use same mesh i.e. Rakata version for example, empire variant). Figure 5.

Preceptor’s Vestments, cloth clipping through the robe. Figure 6.

Minor texture issues (republic variants). Figure 7.

- [Prototype] RD-13B Striker Chestguard
- Chanlon Onslaught Chestguard
- [Prototype] RD-12B War Chestguard
- Tempered Laminoid Chestguard
- etc… However, Phobium Onslaught Chestguard doesn't have this issue.

Major texture issues in Traditional Nylite Boots (republic variant, gender or body type doesn’t seem to matter). Figure 8.

Backplate issues on certain jedi robes (republic variants, female body type 2, especially when headgear disables hood). Can look quite annoying from some camera angles. Figure 9, figure 10.
- Force Battle Chestguard (republic variant)
- Jedi Battlelord’s Chestguard
- Honored Adept’s Shroud
- Every chestguard with that backplate. Especially annoying if the model lacks shoulder guards.

Bugged cloth (republic variants, female body type 2). Noticeable when running and jumping. Figure 11, figure 12.
- Force Evangelist’s Shroud
- Traditional Thermoweave Vestments
- Robe of the Force Nimbus
- Other variants (Athiss drop)

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05.19.2013 , 04:30 PM | #2
Very useful tread: let's hope to see those robes fixed... as regards the Preceptor's robe theare are thousdands of posts already.... but no dev answer -.-
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05.28.2013 , 10:09 AM | #3
Jedi Sage's Gloves and Traditional Demicot Gloves (republic variants) have have issue near wrist. It looks bugged at least on female body type 2.

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06.06.2013 , 05:30 AM | #4
Gunslinger's Jacket could use some tweaking too. On body type 2 female characters the collar/sleeve or what ever you call it snaps to head which makes it look weird when head turns.


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08.08.2013 , 09:08 AM | #5
- Regal Apparel Tiara doesn't hide hoods which ends up looking rather ridiculous.
- Regal Apparel Miniskirt has major clipping when moving (female body type 2). Example.