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Help on bridging the gap as a Gunnery Commando

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Help on bridging the gap as a Gunnery Commando

Khevar's Avatar

05.17.2013 , 02:52 PM | #1
I recently won the 72 MH and burbled all the way back to my ship to do some parsing. I was disappointed to end up with 2666 dps, using stims and adrenals. Not that it's completely terribly or anything, but I've seen parses that are considerably higher, and I hope to get some advice to break my dps ceiling.

I took a 3000+ Merc parse and analyzed it (compared to mine) and and found a few things that were particularly interesting. Any comments, feedback, or insight on my analysis would be helpful.

First, here's my current loadout. My gear isn't fully optimized yet, but I'm on my way. Note I'm running with the double-stacked 2-piece PvE set bonus.

Here's my parse at 2666 dps:

Here's the merc parse I was comparing it to at 3024 dps:

The first thing I noticed is that his attacks, on average, are doing about 10-15% more damage than mine. And yet, he's got a 9.24% miss rate (compared to my 0% miss rate). At a guess he's stacking all Surge and no Accuracy, which surprised me.

The second thing I noticed is that he used Hammer Shot (Rapid Shots) only 24 times in the fight, compared to my 48 times. Ouch. Losing the 4-piece set set bonus really disturbed my comfort zone with my rotation, but I had thought I'd worked through it. Apparently not, if this guy can use his free attack HALF as many times as I do and still maintain high levels of ammo.

Now, I've never gotten into the habit of working either Plasma Grenade or Mortar Volley into a typical rotation. My parses WITH Plasma Grenade were worse than the 2666 one posted above. It seems to me, with with a damage per point of ammo around 160, that it isn't worth it. For those that use it in the rotation, how do you feel it helps?

As regards Mortar Volley, I'm guessing that even though it is expensive (25 ammo) the 3-second channel helps regen in some way? I've never quite been able to wrap my head around it.

The most significant point seems to be that I use Hammer Shot wayyyy too much and I need to figure out how to manage my ammo without it. Is Mortar Volley the key to this? Something else?

Any input would be appreciated.

oaceen's Avatar

05.17.2013 , 07:51 PM | #2
he has a higher miss chance because he's using an offhand weapon.

you should probably find some commando parses for a more accurate comparison.