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Advice requested on Relics

Syrlex's Avatar

05.16.2013 , 10:27 AM | #1
So I have a full set of Basic Comm gear but only 1 of the relics. I am currently using the Matrix Cube for lvl 50 and suspect it is inferior to most relics that can be bought with Comms.

I have the Arkanian Relic of Boundless Ages and am wondering if there is a second "buyable" relic that I should be using. I have enough Basic and Classic Comms to buy a new relic (150).

Within the Arkanian line (Basic Comms) there are:
  • One that does Kinetic Force damage
  • One that does Energy Tech damage
  • One that does Energy Force damage
I recognize that none of these are BiS, but I need/want something better than my Matrix Cube.

People have suggested that I should be dealing Kinetic Tech damage.

Advice/suggestions requested.

nbayer's Avatar

05.16.2013 , 11:30 AM | #2
The kinetic tech was dread guard relics, for arkanian you want energy tech as kinetic tech does not exist. In the future you want whichever one is tech and benefits from armor piercing so that will be energy or kinetic.

*edit: I guess I can't say for sure the kinetic/energy will always be better than the internal/elemental. Doesn't matter, the answer to your question for arkanian and underworld is energy tech.