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Ninjas getting worse

SW_display_name's Avatar

05.25.2013 , 02:05 AM | #41
I just had a level 53 Marauder take a pair of Black Hole Cunning pants from my Operative healer in False Emperor.

He insisted they were "perfect for a Marauder" because they had "Endurance", then became angry at me when I pointed out my prime stat was Cunning because he claimed "his prime stat is Endurance". He told they were "much better for him" because he got "400 more Health" from equipping them.

He then immediately dropped group.


You can argue "well don't use Group Finder". Yes, that's true, and I'm very nearly at that point I like to use it when no one I know is online, but my Ignore list can only get so long, and it's not prescient. Maybe it is time to stop bothering with random groups.

But here's the problem think about that statement. That's not a healthy thing for someone to be feeling. The more people that get driven out of Group Finder with these frustrations, the lower the quality of the queue pool and the more threads from confused DPS going "Why are my queues so long?!?!".

Or, BioWare could just improve the looting system to prevent clueless and/or stupid and/or selfish people from doing abusive things to their party members. Yes, you'll still have the frustrations of making PUGs work tactically, and that will still drive people away from the queue system to some degree.

But I'm personally willing to work with rough groups and explain tactics. I'm reaching the edge of how much more I'll put up with people being able to freely take gear upgrades from me just because they feel like it. When people don't trust the queue system to protect them from being betrayed, they're much less motivated to queue with random people. Think about that.