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DPS Leaderboard 2.0+

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05.25.2013 , 12:57 AM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
No. You should be stacking power unless you're planning on following me and given the downsides of Assault I'm not advising that.

Assault has +30% crit damage on everything I'm using except ENet and default attack.

92.86% of my damage output is from attacks which crit for over 200% damage. My crit multi is at 72.3 which combined with +30% talent is 202.3% damage on crit.

Gunnery has +30% crit damage on Full Auto only which is about 30-35% of total damage, stacking for crit and surge will not be beneficial.

Accuracy is 99.33 by accident when I lost some stats in a new ear and I'm musing over increasing it again.

I still have my power mods in inventory for respeccing back to Gunnery because I know the limitations and it's unlikely Assault will see NiM with me.
Thanks for the input. Good stuff here.

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05.25.2013 , 08:53 AM | #132
Evrydayimsmggln - Gunslinger - Saboteur 5/36/5 - 3342.39

Boundless Ages and Serendipitous Assault relics

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05.25.2013 , 09:35 PM | #133
I got into an argument with a guild mate who basically said an assault VG couldn't break 2300. I came close, but I felt that I won the argument, because I am nowhere near BIS. I am certain a VG can hit 2500ish in Assault Spec if running BIS. Granted, other classes are doing more... But I did find that the VG can keep up on operations with other classes. I believe I made two mistakes, but they were minor.

Blackbox - Vanguard - Assault - 8/7/31 - 2286 Link

66 Barrel
66 Hilt
Bonus Damage = 1327
100%/110% Accuracy
22% Ranged Crit/28% Tech Crit
Aim 2948
DG Boundless Ages
EWH Boundless Ages
3 L55 Augs, 11L50 Augs

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05.25.2013 , 09:53 PM | #134
VG isn't currently getting the 30% crit damage boost on Ion Pulse.

Due to be fixed.
Notwired @ Not Good Enough @ TRE

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05.26.2013 , 03:43 PM | #135
Quote: Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
yeah GCD and combat lag has gotten worse since last patch. There are other threads blaming it on the collections system etc. I wish they would fix it my dps parses have been taking big hits.
As a marauder, I've noticed 3 forms of this lag (while having 100ms latency or less)-
Carnage- skill activates, consumes GCD without actually doing anything resulting in a 3 sec GCD.
Annihilation- classic server lag feeling where skills stick and don't activate immediately, results in at leqst a 2 sec gcd.
Both specs-stutter lag where a GCD begins, then as the next skill is queued, the GCD resets, resulting in ~2 sec GCD.

These problems seem to be way worse with combat logging running, implying there's a problem woth combat logging and server. I haven't been able to parse on the dummy in any meaningful way the past week or two as these screw ups are totally random.

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05.26.2013 , 04:32 PM | #136
Gonna ask a bit of a favor, if anyone know of any records stored at forums separate from the official ones could they post a link to them here. Don't want to miss anything when adding this stuff.

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05.26.2013 , 05:33 PM | #137
Ill be posting mine once i get my 2nd BIS Relic right now im missing 2 Enchements 1 Relic implants and ear and very close to top merc dps already watch out youll be number 2 soon

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05.27.2013 , 12:59 AM | #139
Chasity - Commando - Gunnery 5/36/5 - 2868.56

DG Boundless Ages and Arkanian Serendipitous Assault.
Power Adrenal was not used (cos I'm a lowly Armormech).
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05.27.2013 , 01:53 AM | #140
Just noticed I was listed in this thread o.o

You has me colored blue, but I am an Empire player :P
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