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Scrapper Scoundrel PvP video(s) + tips/guide

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Scrapper Scoundrel PvP video(s) + tips/guide

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12.21.2011 , 01:00 AM | #1
Well I was initially planning to roll an Operative, but since a majority of players joined the Empire... Here I am. Just want to make a short PvP guide and link some video to showcase the scrapper.


-On stealth:

1. Stealth doesn't work in this game like it does in others. If you engage a target and kill it without attacking or being attacked by another enemy, you are instantly considered "out of combat" on the kill blow. This means that, as long as the cooldown is up, you can restealth immediately after the killing blow. A large portion of our damage comes from Shoot First, so having a strategy that involves restealthing a lot is advantageous. Choose carefully when you want to do AOE damage because if you can stay out of combat with anybody but your victim, you can restealth right in the middle of a pack of enemies.

2. Stealth detection is also different than you may be used to. With the +3 stealth talent, an enemy can see you in their frontal cone at around ~10-15m, behind or beside them it's more like ~5m (just outside melee range). This is where Sneak comes in. Use it when you need to pass by a group of players or pass in front of one before attacking them from behind as they will have nearly 0 chance of seeing you with this talent active.

3. Use sneak pre-emptively when you know or think there may be other stealth characters nearby. It can give you the edge that is needed to open with a shoot first on them. This is especially useful when you suspect a stealth may be protecting a turret in alderaan or a door in voidstar. Winning the opener is often the fight decider for similarly skilled/geared opponents 1v1, so this is very important.

-General combat:

1. Know when to burst your energy and when to conserve it. If you find yourself at ~10 energy without cool head up, you will be quite useless for a long time. For this reason, use cool head strategically to slam out a lot of DPS, but when it's not up be cautious. Use some flurry of bolts if you are getting close to 60 energy.

2. Use the fact that you can run through your opponents to your advantage and try to stay behind them so they miss skills. This also makes it easy to land back blast. In the same respect, if you know they are going to knock you back try to put your back to an object or at least aim yourself in a safe direction while attacking so that the knockback doesn't ruin your day.

3. Don't be afraid to kite lightsaber melee classes a little. Snare them when they charge, then kite them at ~10m as needed. This is especially useful during cooldowns like saber ward and cheat death which can easily result in a dead little scoundrel if not countered.

4. When a player is being guarded, any CC which also does damage that you use on that player will affect the guard as well. Double knock back from a shoot first can be pretty funny when you knock the tank over on a fire pit because you attacked the guy he was guarding.

5. Interrupts! Getting spammed by tracer missiles? Use your kick and they have to wait 4 seconds. Remember your flashbang can be used for an interrupt in clutch situations when your stun and kick are down.

6. When you flashbang someone, go into cover and throw a sabotage charge on them. It can hit as hard as a backstab and doesn't hit until they take damage. Also, your flashbang can be used to heal yourself, take advantage of it!

7. Further expanding on flashbang strategies, once you are 48+ you can do a massive burst on someone who eats a full duration flashbang. Flashbang > sabotage charge from cover > cast XS freighter flyby > flechette round + backblast or even vanish and shoot first. You can see as much as 8k damage on the initial round of hits and they will be taking ~2k/second while they stand in the fire with flechette round ticking, not including your attacks. This is especially effective on melee classes since they have to stand in the fire to attack you.

8. Learn other classes and what they can do! Go to torhead and research their abilities, specs, and ask friends/guildies of other classes to give you a rundown. Also, learn what ability animations are what for important things like bubbles and learn the icons of spells that are important to interrupt. These things may seem ridiculous, but when you know what your enemy is doing and what they're likely to do you have a great strategic advantage.

Warzone medal guide:

-1 Killing Blow- Yeah don't need to explain this one

-1 Solo Kill- I find the best way to get this one is very early in the game. Get out ahead of your team and cut off an enemy player who is behind his zerg and rip him apart, use cooldowns if you need to and make it a quick kill then get back to playing objectives. As a fun side bonus if you can get a 5k hit on this player, you'll get unbeatable before anybody else with 2.5k/5k/1 kb/1 solo kill.

-10/25 Kills- Any time there is a team vs team engagement, make sure to get a hit in on everybody. Throw grenades and if you see someone low life that you haven't hit, switch to them and flurry of bolts. The only warzone that can be rough for 25 kills is alderaan, this depends on the enemy team and your luck of being at the right turrets.

-2.5k/5k hit- You need some gear to get the 5k hit with shoot first, getting a red buff and using your relic helps a lot here.

-2.5k/5k heal- The 2.5k heal is easy, but the 5k heal requires pretty good gear. You'll need to take damage (you can do this by removing your armor and putting it back on) and then heal yourself after your pvp trauma is down. If you can't crit 5k without trauma, you can choose to use your relic or pick up a PVP red buff to help you out.

-75k/300k dmg- This one is pretty easy in huttball and voidstar if they aren't absurdly short, but alderaan can be difficult. Remember to use your AOEs (especially xs freighter flyby) and NEVER be one of those wimpy little scoundrels that sits in stealth whole fights b/c they aren't sure if they will win. If you jump into a losing fight, leave a vital shot on everybody there before you go down.

-75k heals- This one is pretty easy, you'll probably get 25-30k just healing yourself out of combat for the 2.5k/5k. As long as you're topping yourself off every chance you get instead of using your regen ability, and topping off other players... this one will happen almost every game. If you're getting close to the end of a game and still don't have it, start healing people who are fighting.

I find these 11 medals are attainable in the vast majority of voidstar and huttball matches. Alderaan can be tough on the 300k dmg and 25 kills, but you will almost automatically get the 1k/3k defender.

-defender alderaan- Here just make sure you fight on/near turrets. Even if you're migrating around defending, just don't be out in the middle of the zone randomly fighting people. You get a TON more defender points for killing/healing on top of a turret than just sitting on one. I've seen 3k defender just a couple minutes into a match before when their team was just zerging a turret while we farmed them.

-defender voidstar- This one, I honestly don't know what the criteria are. However, I almost always get the 1k defender here just by solo defending whatever door my team isn't zergballing.

-defender huttball- this one is pretty easy. Always, ALWAYS hit the ball carrier of the enemy team. It's better if you get the killing blow. Any time you get possession of the ball, begin passing it to low health members of the enemy team and killing them off. The best way to pass to them is from point blank range as a long pass will almost always go to the wrong person.

So yeah, 9-13 medals will be pretty easily attainable every match once you are geared at 50 and get used to the medal farm. At this point i have them all memorized and know which ones i have/haven't gotten without thinking much about it.

-Super short match strategy- If a match is going to be over VERY quickly, try to get 2.5k/5k hit, 2.5k heal, 1 kill blow, 1 solo kill, 75k dmg very quickly. These are medals you can pull off in a couple of minutes during a warzone shutdown sequence so don't be left without the extra comms/valor!


-Level 30 1v1s 480p:

-Level 40 Huttball 480p (no music):
-Sorry for the low quality, future videos are 1080p. In this one I did mostly ignore objectives and just kill people... can you blame me?

-Level 50 Voidstar 1080p (no music) (12/:
- I'll admit, this one is a bit of a pug farm by my premade. It still shows how a scoundrel plays in this warzone.

-Level 50 Valor 60 in Alderaan 1080p (no music):
- In this one I am going for pure objectives and mostly ignoring medals instead of the usual medal grind for more valor/comms since I've already hit valor 60. My side is a solo que pug against a premade with some very geared 50s among them ("Taking a Sith" guild).

-Level 50 Valor 62 open world sawbones 23/18/0:

-Level 50 Valor 62 Alderaan solo que warzone, full DPS spec again:

-Fun screenshots:

-545k dmg with no deaths pugging in a voidstar-
-1 million damage total duo with Dimach (DPS sage) in a voidstar-
-10334 max hit-
-8036 max hit, 558k dmg, 43 KBs-

My current PVP build:

Quote: Originally Posted by Bandokar View Post

Im from Germany and had the same Problem with blocked Videos in the Past.

im just using an Addon for Firefox called "Stealthy"

running fine

sry for my poor english .

have a nice day

for Chrome its called proxytube

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12.21.2011 , 05:08 AM | #2
Whats your skill tree look like?

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12.21.2011 , 09:18 AM | #4
Nice vid, probably one of the better Scoundrel PvP movies I've seen.
I want to get 40 so bad now.

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12.21.2011 , 09:24 AM | #5
Nice video and good tips.

Just curious, why did you vanish a couple of times when no one was around you and you could have just stealthed?

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12.21.2011 , 10:47 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Bollah View Post
Nice video and good tips.

Just curious, why did you vanish a couple of times when no one was around you and you could have just stealthed?
I was stuck in combat with someone who had attacked me and the only way to stealth in a reasonable amount of time was to vanish. You remain in combat with someone for a LONG time after you have engaged in combat... slightly annoying. The speed boost is also nice!

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12.21.2011 , 10:48 AM | #7
What are the moves you are using most often from stealth?

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12.21.2011 , 10:50 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by ironhydra View Post
Whats your skill tree look like?
I'm still torn between a few spec choices. There are a lot of good options and IMO it's going to come down to preference on 4ish points in the scrapper tree and 3 points in the 2 others.

I'm considering this one, but may take 2 points out of beside manner to get the runspeed boost when using dirty kick or the 20% accuracy debuff after using flashbang.

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12.21.2011 , 10:51 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Zaodon View Post
What are the moves you are using most often from stealth?
Generic rotation is shoot first > blaster whip > back blast > sucker punch > sucker punch > blaster whip > sucker punch. However, this can change situationally, you don't want to get into a specific rotation because sometimes you need to conserve energy or don't need to go all out and waste your upper hands.

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12.21.2011 , 11:06 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Kutsus View Post
Generic rotation is shoot first > blaster whip > back blast > sucker punch > sucker punch > blaster whip > sucker punch. However, this can change situationally, you don't want to get into a specific rotation because sometimes you need to conserve energy or don't need to go all out and waste your upper hands.

Do you use Cheap Shot/Headshot at all? Do they work in PvP ?