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Anakin Skywalker vs Cin Drallig (One shot.)

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Anakin Skywalker vs Cin Drallig (One shot.)

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12.13.2011 , 07:06 AM | #1
"Every single jedi including your friend Obi-Wan is now an enemy of the republic, do what must be done Lord Vader do not hesitate show no mercy." Those thoughts ran through his head as Anakin Skywalker now known as Darth Vader marched to the jedi temple with the 501st legion behind him. It didn't take long before the choas began, lightsabers were activated and blasters were fired and both clones and jedi fell the purge had begun. Of course it wasn't long before reports came to Vader that a jedi master was causing problems for the clones, killing them in great numbers.

"I sense....Cin Drallig, i'll deal with him"Vader replied to the clones as he walked through a hallway with his blade activated. Heading into the room of a thousand fountains he spotted Cin killing one last remaining clone trooper before turning his attention to Vader. Vader wasted no time and leaped to his former master indenting to cut him in two, but missed as Cin jumped out of the way. This was it apprentice vs instructor, one of Cin's greatest students was actually trying to kill him which he didn't think it was actually possible that Anakin had fallen so far.

"I don't understand why you are doing this Anakin, didn't I teach you discipline?"Cin asked as the two warriors circled one another. Vader said nothing before he charged again with fury with incredible blows as Cin blocked or narrowly dodged each of them before kicking Vader back. He stumbled back and blocked a strike from the battlemaster before going back to attacking him furiously, pushing him back as the two slowly moved out of the room. Vader then used the force to hurl a large piece of rubble at Cin before it was sliced in two by him.

"I don't need your teachings anymore, my powers are beyond you now"Vader said before he attempted to force push Cin back, however Cin held his ground though it took much strength to block the powerful force push. The battlemaster then force pushed Anakin back as he crashed into a wall, stunning him briefly before quickly getting back to his feet"there is one lesson you've yet to learn, how to become one with the force!"Cin replied before he charged towards Vader. Though this was different, he was using force speed to augment his speed and as he attacked Vader was almost overwhelmed at the strikes as he was pushed back to a wall. Vader ducked though and kicked back Cin before leaping and coming down with his saber to impale him, but missing as the saber struck the ground instead and he brought his saber up just in time to block a strike from the jedi master.

The jedi master was getting tired though, and it seems that Vader had no end and as the fighting continued Cin was on the defensive more and more while being pushed back. Strikes were blocked and missed for both the combatants, but Vader kept charging and as Cin kept his defense up well it soon failed him. Pushing back his saber Vader used the opening and stabbed Cin right in the stomach, who now had a shocked look on his face as his lightsaber dropped to the floor. Though Vader noticed something odd, his former master was smiling at him" have learned well Anakin..."Cin said before Vader's blade was removed and the lifeless body of the jedi battlemaster hit the floor.

In killing the lightsaber instructor, Vader had removed one of the temple's last hopes though as he left he took one last look at Cin before leaving. In the years to come after he reflected on his actions, this would be one of his more clearer memories.

There you have it folks, reason why is that I didn't really like the whole him getting beat one handed or the fact we only saw a 2 second holo vid in the movie. So I figured why not make a one shot of them fighting?

Anyway read & review!
"There is one lesson you've yet to learn. How to become one with the Force!"
―Cin Drallig to Darth Vader

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