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Problems with "Priority Targets"

andytvster's Avatar

05.04.2013 , 06:43 PM | #1
So i didn't notice anyone post about this so if i'm wrong, bite me and if i'm right then lets get the ball rolling. This post isn't for all those that like to sit behind a computer and complain so those that get a kick out of trolling have fun getting a kick out of no response. Second, I would like a response from a GM or someone that "IS'NT" in tech support that will simply tell me "I will forward your concerns to our developers, and thank you for you imput". The problem with this mission is simply this: too many people too few of bosses and/or their respawn timers. When you combine servers and then expect people to do a mission that requires you to kill a certain mob, but it isn't up but every 3 hours, you almost have to spawn camp in order to make the mission doable.
Twice now, me and my fellow guildies have gone around searching for any of the world bosses on the list to be up only to find out all are dead, and we've wasted another hour or so of game time. Some things are meant for a person to grind for, that i understand. What i don't understand is, those things are usually around when it involves some type of vanity item, and this simply isn't the case. In hopes that this is read and the problem isnt just simply adressed but fixed, i would add to this by bringing up the example of dreadtooth. This world boss would have also fallen under the problematic situation that i state now except for the fact that it was fixed when you, bioware, changed the respawn timer to 30 minutes. So now i say, "why hasn't this been done for all the bosses within Priority Targets". Thats really all i have to say. I only wish for this to be fixed. Thanks for your time and i hope this has a response soon.

canuckly's Avatar

05.04.2013 , 06:48 PM | #2
you only need 3 bosses the respawn timer is 2 hours so each boss is up 12 times a day and you have quite a few bosses to choose from

i did it every week usually on Tuesday or Wednesday doing quesh tatoonie alderaan or nar shaddaa i stopped recently because the basic comms and 3 elite comms plus credits don't make it worth it anymore once you get full black market gear

kopalame's Avatar

05.05.2013 , 10:28 AM | #3
Indeed the new version of the priority targets missions doesn't really work, since you can finish it by killing low level bosses even at max level. Either change the mission or change the respawn timers as you say. I must admit I do enjoy soloing low level bosses, so I would say they should go for the latter. It's a pain to find them alive as it is right now.

jpalooza's Avatar

06.28.2013 , 02:33 AM | #4
Sometimes the WB's are alive in other instances, too. Just an idea.