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Chroniclers of the Myriad recruiting on Progenitor (Empire, RP)

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Chroniclers of the Myriad recruiting on Progenitor (Empire, RP)

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05.03.2013 , 03:58 AM | #1
<Chroniclers of the Myriad>

The Progenitor

A grey-aligned Sith Empire RP and social guild on Progenitor
Recruiting now -
We are a friendly guild who focus on story, roleplay, character and socialising - we offer help to new players and advancement opportunities for all. Come and help us make something special!

Welcome to the Chroniclers of the Myriad, a social and moderate-to-heavy RP guild for Empire players of all factions, classes and alignments. We're looking primarily for nice, awesome people such as yourselves to join us and help to build a friendly, sociable and enjoyable guild atmosphere.

Our Guild: The Chroniclers of the Myriad are a loose affiliation of Sith and Imperial citizens of (generally) grey alignment, contributing their own unique talents and perspectives for the advancement and benefit of all involved. The title of the guild references the founder's aim to explore and to encourage others to delve into existence with a balanced eye, not plunging too far into either Light or Dark, as the ancient Jee-dai once endeavoured to. Each member is freely encouraged to walk their own path amidst the myriad ways of the Force, to research and recover forgotten lore, and to share this wisdom gained with the group for the betterment of all. Knowledge and experience outmatch raw power without focus, and so the Myriad quietly grow in number and influence as the more rabid Sith fall to infighting and dissolution.

The secondary goal of the Chroniclers of the Myriad, known only to those who have accepted their ideals, is that of restoring Imperial stability and good government through diplomacy, espionage, subtle influence and - occasionally - deposal. Situations like the current state of Balmorra highlight the inefficiency inherent in rule by raw power alone rather than by prowess, intelligence and good tactical thinking; the Empire as it stands is weakened by internal conflict, and a few unstable Lords unable to control their baser impulses even for the good of their own plans. The Myriad look to curb the most blatant excesses of the Empire's protectors and rulers via mostly diplomatic methods whilst remaining openly on good terms with the Dark Council. To this end members work together to improve the networks and status of their contemporaries in the order within the wider Sith Empire, contacting others of similar bent and slowly building a significant power base that can bolster or destabilise the weaker Lords' networks of support.

The Chroniclers of the Myriad also employ a wide range of agents and mercenary associates, welcoming the most promising minds into their ranks as full members of the order with no bias on ancestry or species. These intrepid citizens are the eyes and ears of the order, gathering information on both repositories of note and Imperial commanders of questionable stability.

Our Vision: The Myriad is an RP guild and as such in-depth character backgrounds, I-Int document postings and other in-character paraphenalia are welcomed on our boards. We also have OOC areas and a shout-box for those who simply wish to talk to each other! We are looking for new or long term players, of any class and level - the only important aspects are a good idea for your own character and their likely role within the guild (in character), and kindness, respect and a focus on shared enjoyment (out of character).

We are ultimately looking for people who love Star Wars: The Old Republic and wish to enjoy the game in a more immersive manner without some of the activity restrictions that larger RP guilds require. Our hope is to create an environment in-game where members aid and help one another through ops and story progression, offer advice and gifts when needed to the newer players in order to help them get into the game, and most importantly, to allow people to progress at their own pace.

There are plans for in-game RP sessions and crafting aid in the works, too - the set-up is informal at present, as our current aim is building a solid group of people who enjoy interacting with each other on the forums and in-game.

What We Do: The Enjin forums I find are a great place to talk, in and out of character, to offer background and stories and other IC artefacts for the general approval of all, and to relax amongst good company; therefore, a lot of our interaction will be centred here.

We're primarily PvE-based, meaning our focus is on story, Flashpoints, Ops, levelling alternate characters and anything else a player might wish to do with their evening. We're also very welcoming of PvP fans and are starting to get interested as seperate players, but there's no specific schedule set up guild-wide.


Because we are currently fairly small and new, anyone who wishes to organise raids, FPs or likewise at certain times is very welcome to do so, and may end up a fairly important member of the team if they wish to take on that responsibility.

Who We Want: We've been recruiting across all level brackets, looking for friendly and communicative people over present skills, equipment and loot. We are happy to accommodate new players and help them learn the game, and also welcome the advice and experience of older players who are interested in our in-character goals. We have people from all timezones from the US/Canada through Europe and Australia; the GM is British but works shifts, so peak hours vary.

Interested? Contact Tetrae, Poshek, Irilanth or Sh'aie in-game for an invite or for further information (whisper/in-game mail/forum message). We are happy to roleplay through invitations, too, although if you catch us in a rush feel free to do so via holomessage instead.

You can also apply on our brand new website: There's a little questionaire just so that we know the character wanting to apply and can work them into the organisation properly. We're just getting the site set up, and again, any advice or suggestions are completely welcome. We want to make this a guild for the members, not recruit members just to boost the guild

Thank you for reading! I hope you like what you see, and I look forward to meeting you!