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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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09.28.2013 , 11:31 PM | #931
Quote: Originally Posted by AbsolutGrndZero View Post
Not really, sounds to me like he was blaming you for his death because you messed up, not him. I'd have left too. Course, I have 0% idiot tolerance most days. I give them one chance, and a comment like he said, that was their chance, they didn't take it. I quit (or vote kick if I think the other players would agree)
Ah for some reason I was feeling very generous and I went through my combat log to get the name of the people in the FP and sent them ingame mail to explain why I did what I did. The 2 DPSes replied saying "don't worry". Didn't get a reply from the tank ... :P

Got HM Czerka Labs today. Not very social and the melee DPSes couldn't get out of the charged water quick enough for the first boss. Had to put out lots of heals. And then we wiped on the security chief because of lag and the red AOEs. After that the tank said we needed to hurry up as he had to leave for work in 8 minutes. So the group started running ahead without full health and I had to keep up to heal them. Didn't even have enough time to recharge my force in between pulls. I can't believe no one died during this stage.

Looking back, it was actually ... fun. I was on my toes all the time as a healer due to the group rushing in to every mob towards the end. Not something I would want for every PUG but not bad to have every now and then to keep things abit hairy.

Got Hammer Station later today and the tank said "Nice heals" after the first boss. We managed to kill the last boss despite not having a tank for the final quarter of the fight. I think the tank got knocked off the platform as it was an insta-kill for the tank.

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09.29.2013 , 03:25 AM | #932
Quote: Originally Posted by mikebevo View Post
I agree with chuixupu, people have been kick for any and everything. I once had someone try to kick me on my infiltration shadow for using double strkie on a weak as the killing move. I did not use it in my rotation, but just hit it at the end because force breach only took him to 2%, when I thought it would kill him.

I have seen someone kicked for a bug in HM FE when they used force leap on the bridge where you should not use force leap, but how would someone new to the instance know that? They lost their healer too, because I quit the group when they kicked.
Can you explain the reasoning to kick you out in first example. And can you explain the force leap bug on the bridge ? I don't think that I ever seen that one.
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09.29.2013 , 04:26 AM | #933
Quote: Originally Posted by znihilist View Post
Can you explain the reasoning to kick you out in first example. And can you explain the force leap bug on the bridge ? I don't think that I ever seen that one.
Might have meant Esseles HM. If you Force Leap to the ISS droid you fall through the ramp and have to exit area and come back.

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09.29.2013 , 04:38 AM | #934
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarmalade View Post
So I tried to run a FP on my 35 Healer merc last night, and got an instant q for Cadiminu.* Get going and see that the other three are all from the same guild so I figure this should be decent, as long as they aren’t a bunch of loot ninjas.* Tank slaps his guard on me and we get going.* Do the first pull and the tank loses agro Repeatedly to the Marauder that he brought with him.* Make it to the second pull and the same thing happens, now I can easily heal them through it but figure why bother, just have him switch the guard to the mara. *I type in chat “I am not one of those healers who requires a guard, switch it to the Mara if you want”.* I immediately get smacked in the face with “you get the guard cause as healer you generate the most threat.”* I probably should of just shut up but, I respond with, “I only generate more threat than anyone else on anything that no one is attacking, and those are just week adds that the dps should be burning”.* The tank responds with “You’re and idiot.* I am in soresu form, which generates agro on everything”.* At this point I realize that this argument is a lost cause so I say, “Look I don’t really care, it’s not a big deal and not worth arguing over.”* They immediately vote kick me for the reason of “Idiot”.* I had a good chuckle explained to him that “I was only trying to be nice, and make his job easier by having him guard the marauder who he couldn’t hold agro over, but hey it’s better that I know you’re a bad tank now, who can’t hold agro over his dps, then halfway through the FP when a boss is face ****** the marauder.”

I get out of the FP, slap em all on my ignore list, and then q back up. *I get another instant q on The Foundry, with a level 36 tank 40 sniper and 45 marauder.* The tank slaps his guard on me, and I am just like jesus.* This flashpoint actually has some hard hitting fights, and that marauder is gonna pull and I am bare minimum level so this may be tough to heal. *I quickly type in chat “Would you mind switching your guard to the marauder? *He is nine levels higher than you and will pull agro.”* The tank quickly swaps his guard and the marauder quickly typed in chat “glad to see you’re not one of those dumb *** healers who thinks a guard does anything for them.”* I wanted to explain what had just happened to me, but figured it wasn’t worth it. So we proceed to have like one of the straight up smoothest FP’s I have ever had, you know like tank holding agro, dps killing adds and for the most part no one standing in ****.* The only time anyone died was when the tank stood in the spit from the bonus boss, which he typed out in chat after he died “sorry forgot that, that boss spit at you”.*
Oh damn, I've had a healer drop group because I refused to guard him. Was rather amusing too. Hammer Station heroic mode. Next to nothing was touching him but he kept on demanding guard then upped and left because I ignored his demands.

The real irony is. If the dps killed the weaker mobs first, like they are supposed to. And the tank spreads his threat around instead of tunnel visioning. Healer tps is greatly reduced. Less damage in and fewer mobs up equals less threat generated. Throw in some CCs and interups and you're cooking with gas.

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09.29.2013 , 04:42 AM | #935
Quote: Originally Posted by meanken View Post

Tank-yo, sniper, why are you doing not using cover?
Sniper-What? I'm in cover right now!
Tank-Not you! The other sniper!
Me-You mean me?
Me-er.....I'm an operative, not a sniper. bad

everyone had a good chuckle after that.
I had an issue similar to that before with my powertech, in czerka labs on the droid the tank thought I was ranged and should be shooting from the sides complaining at the fact I was standing at the robots legs. Unfortunately the other powertech in the group listened to him meaning I was the only one doing any meaningful dps...
Quote: Originally Posted by BaronV View Post
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09.29.2013 , 04:59 AM | #936
Quote: Originally Posted by Kampori View Post
Apart from that a mostly uneventful night, except having the rare fantastic group just now. 3 same-guild (v. good geared tank + jugg dps, newly dinged healer) and me, on my mara this time. Czerka Meltdown HM

Off the bat, everyone said their hellos (as you may know, this is an important starter for me )
And then explained that the healer had just hit 55 and they were gearing (23k operative). Everyone was fantastic, polite, fun. They even asked whether we should need or greed on the blue czerka rep drops.
Cleared instance in about 15 mins, bosses went down without a single hitch and very rapidly. (I miss using my mara, and with a great jugg dps things died in seconds)

Just all round, the opposite of what this thread asks for :P But I thought I should mention the great groups as well.
Think you were with us. ^^ (I'm the tank.) Glad to hear you enjoyed the run! And I'm happy to report that the healer in question is on a fast track on becoming one of our best raid healers. We do like to help out newly dinged people and gear them up to get into raiding with us (since most of us are raid junkies, raiding pretty much every day).

So, my own experiences then... I've been lately levelling my baby powertech as a tank. This happened a while ago... Get into Hammer Station and immediately notice our merc healer is not using his healing cylinder (and from his level I know he already should have it). Even though it's clear he's a DPS queued up as a healer, I'm not too worried, since the instance can be healed by a DPS if they bother trying. I do ask him if he has field respec, but he doesn't understand. We go through trash to the first boss and there's virtually no heals so I decide I'm not going to pull the boss unless he at least changes to his healing cylinder so he can heal with his rapid shots as well — so I sit down and explain I'm not moving before that happens and tell the merc what the cylinder looks like. After a few minutes he changes it. I pull the boss, my health is going dangerously slow, I have to beg for heals, but this merc is just standing DPSing and healing himself. We wipe and I initiate kick on the merc and no surprise it passes. We get another healer that's actually healing specked and we finish the instance without problems.

Another instance with my PT. I'm only queuing up as a tank since I do not have field respec yet (wasn't sure if I was going to stick with it or not). Athiss pops, I'm the tank, but there's also this assassin DPS who's on tank stance. I tell him to switch to DPS. After that it's a taunting competition with me and the assassin. Everytime I jump on a pack, get aggro, I soon notice the taunt debuff on the mob. I taunt it back. I tell the assassin to stop taunting. First boss, he continues to taunt the boss everytime it's out of CD. The healer and the other DPS don't seem to mind since they're not saying anything so I thought to stick with it, just to get the daily done. Dog boss. I go into position against the wall and taunt the boss. Assassin is behind it and taunts, gets tossed around. I shout in chat that if he insists on taunting, at least be at the right position to do so. He continues taunting the boss and being tossed around. Nobody dies though, thanks to the healer. After a few more trash packs like this I give up and switch to DPS cylinder and pretend to be DPS in my tanking speck and we finish the instance.
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09.29.2013 , 05:52 AM | #937
A few days ago i was queuing on group finder on my sorc, queue popped, and it was hard mode lost island.

Since it was lost island i asked everyone if they had done it before, all of them said no, i had a vision of everyone dropping out one by one but i still continued on anyway.

First boss was a breeze through, at the sak smash boss i started explaining, everyone seems to understand and we started it.

Impressing enough. Everyone did everything nicely, grabbed the pillar controls, crawled under him and tanked him in the middle of the platform.

And nobody touched the yellow observation droid.

At lorrick i briefly explained the fight and everyone got through it nicely, healer cleansed every bit even when i forgot to mention that cleansing will be helpful.

It was not weird or anything but overall i was very impressed with the team. They were all under 55 and using orange and green eqs but were able to coordinate very well with the fights.

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09.29.2013 , 07:24 AM | #938
Quote: Originally Posted by EzioMessi View Post

What is with Healers and Guards anyway? I honestly thought guarding the healer was a trick in lowbies for tanks that weren't fully capable of holding aggro on multiple mobs, or to idiotproof yourself against DPS that tunnel-vision the strongest mobs.
It is, and unfortunately as a healer much of the time, I find myself dead way too often... then I get yelled at cause I'm not healing the tank... I'm dead. Cause you couldn't keep aggro. So, guard on the healer may be a a "trick for tanks not capable of holding aggro on many mobs" but unfortunately that's not limited to lowbie FPs.
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09.29.2013 , 07:35 AM | #939
Quote: Originally Posted by Synavix View Post

I'm not entirely sure why they did this, since it creates a bit of a continuity issue with the storyline, but it's interesting nonetheless.
Not a continuity issue at all. Each group is undoing/messing with what the other did 10-15 levels before.

Good example is the heroic Fathers of Taris (heroic for Imperials) where Republic side there is a normal diff side quest you are looking for this secret archive where the last governors of Taris hid the most important thing to helping rebuild Taris in the future. You get there and find it's not documents, it's a frickin' carbonite tomb. The most important thing for them to preserve was themselves! So, then you are told once they get things more stable they will thaw them out and let them help.

But, now the Empire shows up... in their many efforts to destroy Taris they go to that very place too. When they get there, the vault is already open because the Republic opened it. The droid that was friendly to the Republic and like "Thanks, I'll stay here and guard them" is a champion boss. You kill him and set explosives on the carbonite governors to kill them.

Same with Balmorra (although everyone using the same outposts on Balmorra was always a bit odd to me, not sure how that aspect works) when the Republic gets there, the Empire has taken over and now the Republic needs to liberate the planet again.
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09.29.2013 , 08:27 AM | #940
I have had quite a few interesting experiences. Just a bit ago guy asked in general chat for one more to do Athiss. I pm him to ask what he needs and get an instant invite. Guess he isn't picky. So, I look at the group, two commandos and two sentinels. I decide what the heck, I like a challenge I'll heal this. We somehow defeat the first boss with our sentinel "tank" with some nonstop healing. First item drops is a rifle. Sentinel needs and wins it. I said well I am not going to waste my time healing a sentinel tank who is going to need on my gear and dropped group. I messaged the other two guys to let them know why I left, and they were already jumping the sentinel about it. Apparently he needed it to pull the crystal out. A level 20 gun to take out the crystal. Really? Any cartel crystal is 100 times better than that. Apparently groupfinder can be better than answering for groups in general chat.
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