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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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09.16.2013 , 11:18 PM | #851
Quote: Originally Posted by AbsolutGrndZero View Post
Ah, yeah that's true. Just generally I have always been told to go with power and alacrity then surge and crit and doing so I've only had trouble healing when the tank can't keep aggro so I have to heal myself instead of him.
Yeah if you don't use the procs properly, then power and surge is the way to go. If you know how to use them well, you can actually heal a lot better with a bit more crit (like 27-28%).

For my dps I always go with power/surge as well.

But to be honest, you can stack almost anything and still be a good healer (except maybe for 55NiM ops), it all depends on your skill, your reaction time and how well you can manage energy. Dps would probably need to max out the right stats to beat the enrage on 55 HM ops.
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09.16.2013 , 11:59 PM | #852
On my commando healer, I stacked a bit of crit (26% or 27%) and 4% for alacrity. When I get a crit, my alacrity goes up to 7% (or 8%) thanx to some trooper skill, and helps inmensely with the cast times.
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09.17.2013 , 12:10 AM | #853
Specific stats will absolutely help a DPS reach their max potential, or increase a tank's survivability, but as one of our guild tanks put it, healing gear is to taste. As long as yours heals do what you expect them too when you need it,my pure doing fine.

Personally I really like having some crit as it feels much more comfortable for me overall. Plus when a cunning/crit/surge piece drops during progression night the gunslingers never want it, so it's ripe for the pickings.


09.17.2013 , 12:42 AM | #854
Quote: Originally Posted by SuspectDown View Post
As a healer, I'll take your side 100% of the time. DPS shouldn't pull, nor should they instantly attack a spread out mob from a group the tank hasn't fully taunted yet. It's always irritating to see a DPS pull unexpectedly then blame me for dying.
Pretty much this. Marauders seem to be the worst offenders for jumping right into a fight, and ya, as a tank, I generally don't bother helping when they do that, and as a healer, same deal.
Even had one tank who insisted on doing all the little bonus crap on HM Foundry even though I asked him not to because I had to leave very shortly. Needless to say I didn't try too hard to keep him alive. I basically let him hover between 20-60%hp for the remainder of the flashpoint.
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09.17.2013 , 08:24 AM | #855
Not about GF, but similar: I've just finished daily mando's FP with my lvl 23 sorc when I saw in general dude was yelling "pls help with Cademimu, need 1 more". Stupid as I am, I've whispered him what's the problem and he answered "nothing, It's just more fun with 4". Ok, I've joined group in progress, never to much fun, right?
So there were lvl 32 merc with 7K HP, lvl 38 and one more, lvl 26 if I remember right. I've asked who's the healer cause I'm DPS sorc and merc said "I'm the healer and DPS and tank, I have to do all by myself or else we'd sitting and waiting half hour for attacks". Huh? Well in FP's everyone have their roles, as I recall that's not just btw but ok, lemme see this gaming art.
Aaaand of course smart one left group, we got another one who obviously wasn't hardcore player and he was just quiet, doing his job good and without words. But merc... I was laughing so hard I missed keyboard buttons several times watching him jumping around like crazy monkey, healing, DPSing, tanking... just name it. Not to mention his comments in chat.
Anf of course we got wiped out which was our fault cause he "was in Cademimu 25th time and never had problems till now".
Anyway, I've ended as a healer (with lightning tree hah) and somehow we managed to finish it.
Why I didn't left the group? Cause I was to curious how It'll end and I've had a really good time haha

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09.17.2013 , 08:30 AM | #856
Quote: Originally Posted by Kampori View Post
Maybe I'm one of those 'weird' people, but I've just dropped 4 groups in a row (enduring the lockout each time) because no one said "hi", or even acknowledge each other before the pro I'm-too-good-for-you tank runs along and aggros everything in sight (I'm the healer atm).

Like, I'm not saying we need to introduce each other and invite them over for tea, but how *********** hard is it to say "hi". Takes less than a second.

More often than not (and infuriatingly this thing happens a lot to me), I'll ignore it and carry on, but it really irked me tonight. I just couldn't take it.

Meh.. just my pet peeve I guess.
Guess healers can afford to ***** about simple stupid ******** like this..If you are dps and the queue is more than 1 hour,you will not only accept the quiet ones,but you will worship the ground they walk on.

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09.17.2013 , 09:07 AM | #857
Had a fun one the other day. Healing on my fairly new and undergeared 55 sorc and get HM Czerka Labs. Have a solid tank and an op and a sniper for dps. Things seem to be dying pretty slowly and I notice op is staying outside of melee range. I think this is a bit strange, but don't say anything. Get to droid boss, enrages at about 30%, have a really beefy jugg tank, so healing it wasn't much of a problem, but trying to figure out what's up with our dps?

Continue on and get to Chief. Again, long slow fight and the last phase with the rocket launcher, I and the dps are getting 1 shot when we don't quite make it out of the rocket in time. While laying dead, I notice op has recuperative nanotech on him..... So I ask if op is specced heals? He tells me he is, but claim it's OK. I let him know he'll get better dps if he respecs into dps tree, to which he responds "I"m doing fine, my attacks are hitting for 2K". That was when he started getting defensive and told me I was a bad healer because people were dying from 30K hits (tank was the only one with 30K+ hp). I ask if he wants to heal and me respec dps, he says he's doing fine dps if I can just heal better. I finally convince him to just heal, I respec dps and boss goes down fairly easily. On the kill though, I got 1 shot by a rocket, so I guess he wasn't that much better of a healer than me afterall.
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09.18.2013 , 09:17 AM | #858
After waiting for around a hour in DPS group finder, FINALLY i get a match for Red Reaper. Not my favorite place but I know mechanics of the the place well. On the first room, if you get near the hallway door about 7-9 silvers will appear and wreck you to pieces.

So Im waiting on the loading screen and as soon as I get in, I see the Commando Healer dps or tank with him, running to that hallway. Of course within 4 seconds he's down. He quits the FP right after he dies.. So now finally the tank and other DPS load in, to find those silvers barreling down at us. We promptly wipe. And after waiting 6 minute for a replacement ,we all leave.

I whispered him later asking him whats his deal was, he told me "I had to run so wanted to troll a bit".

What a frickin waste of an hour waiting in that awful GF for some Commando A-Hole to ruin it all.

Later i get matched with him again on Colicoid games but this time on my tank char, ( he's qued as dps this time)
I'm somewhat vindictive and ******es like these piss me off. So me not being a bigger person. Told the healer this story and asked him for his cooperation in messing with Commando A-Hole. So in collaboration
we let him die, Every. Chance. We. Got.

Commando A-Hole start's raging "why the hell aren't you healing/protecting me?"
I kindly reminded him of his previous actions in Red Reaper. "Screw You" he says and leaves.

petty yes but oh so satisfying. =)

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09.19.2013 , 04:55 PM | #859
Had a fun one just now.

Again, on my healer. Get a pop for Cademimu HM. Me, a great tank, an okay-geared DPS and a pretty badly geared (21k hp) operative DPS.
Now, I have no real issues with bad gear (21k is really pushing it though for HM 55s), but me and the tank agreed to go on and hope some gear drops for him.

First of all, this operative stood at max range, casting nothing but frag grenade and snipe. After noticing this, I call him up on it. He says "I don't wanna pull aggro" (again, 21k geared, casting snipe as an operative. No way in hell he would ever pull aggro from anything, even if the tank told the mob to go for it). Further questioning reveals he "died over 16 times in last run".
Whatever. We carry on.

Few more packs in, me and the tank are really concerned at how slow normal mobs are taking to die. We're like 20 mins in and haven't gotten to a boss yet.
Then I notice a very occasional Kolto Probe from said operative. Upon again calling him out, he reveals he is in healer spec, but is "both healer and dps. I can do both" (emphasis again on the lack of any gear, so even if he was a fantastic player {which he was the antithesis of} he wouldn't have been efficient or good at either healing or damage dealing).
Me and the tank finally start to lose it. But we're still trying our best to be reasonable, and explain to him that while that may be okay while leveling, it certainly doesn't work in flashpoints, especially 55 HMs. After about a 10 minute discussion on roles and healing/dpsing, he claims he has respecced to DPS and urges us to carry on.
He finally starts backstabbing etc now at least.

We get to the first droid boss (eventually), and he proceeds to step into every single box/prison trap thing, and each time claims "****, lag, sorry". (yeah, right). After a heroic effort from the tank, other dps and me, we wipe.
We go again.
And again, he traps himself every time. We wipe, again.
He has the gall to say "if I was healing we'd be ok". Me and the tank just burst out laughing. I'm just sat there with my face in my hands, groaning. After more cheek from this pro heal-dps operative, the tank explains to him that this cannot go on, and we kick him.

We spent about 15-20 mins just talking to him, explaining everything in a clear, concise and helpful manner, but to absolutely no avail. He just couldn't, or wouldn't, understand. He took it too far, in complete denial. The funny thing was that he was so utterly convinced that he could perform better as a healer-dps, in heal/hybrid spec. His conviction was so secure he just wasn't getting it.

Anyways, he proceeds to insult us as he's getting kicked, and goes to ninja-pull the boss as he leaves.

We get a new dps in. While still not amazing, we skipped the bonus boss and finished the FP.

The tank and I exhale in relief, and go our separate ways.
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09.20.2013 , 12:21 AM | #860
Just got out of an interesting one.

So I'm on quesh on my commando, I've been leveling DPS for quests while going heals for FPs. I get a queue pop, I respec heals, get into colocoid. "No problem", I think, "people always panic when this pops but I've never had an issue with it. I got this in the bag."

I see the tank (guardian) is having some problem with his gun, so I help him out. No biggie. People seem to have problems with the colocoid gimmicks, I'm more than willing to go above and beyond to get through a group finder run.

We finish the gun part smoothly and onto the first pull. The tank jumps in and starts taking heavy damage. I heal my little heart out but am surprised to see aggro on me. I blow reactive shield and diversion but it doesn't do anything (In hindsight, I forgot to hit adrenaline rush but I doubt it would have done anything but delay the inevitable). I die and the group wipes.

I let the tank know that he needs to hit all the mobs to establish himself on their threat table so I don't immediately get them. He doesn't say anything, just jumps in again. This time I'm prepared and preemptively drop threat after hitting my supercharge and blowing my load to keep us up (and hopefully keep us both up better). Once again, tank doesn't even attempt to try and hold aggro, and I also notice that the rest of the group doesn't seem to understand how these mobs work (they go immune to damage and you have to switch targets). I end up grabbing threat YET AGAIN and wiping. At this point I'm beyond baffled as to what's going wrong. It's not like I don't know how to commando heal. I've been doing it without a hitch for nearly 40 levels. I'm obviously not the best commando ever, but I'm far from the worst. The tank is clearly having threat issues which is just as baffling to me as I have never seen a guardian with a threat problem this bad. I check his stance. Yep, he's in tank stance so I have no idea what's going on. I half expect him to throw a guard on me at this point (lol guarding heals) but nope. Nobody gets the guard, I suppose.

I inform the group of what they need to do for this pull, and in addition I get ready to CC since I don't particularly want to die from a stray mob again. IMMEDIATELY after I CC, the shadow dps (who is in the tank's guild) does his knockback and breaks it, sending it immediately running to me again. To make matters worse, the other dps has d/c'd (he was complaining of lag earlier). Now we have one rubbish dps and one rubbish tank and I'm trying to keep all of us up. I run myself out of ammo despite my best efforts and we wipe.

At this point, the tank leaves. I say "lol garbage tank" and the shadow dps tells me that I couldn't heal my way out of a paper bag. At this point I laugh because they're both part of an awful pub-side PvP guild, so I just drop group and go back to questing on quesh. Took my dragonslayer/from beyond titles and my ball and went home

Oh well. Can't carry 'em all.
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