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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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08.12.2013 , 11:13 PM | #721
I see an interesting pattern here, the weird people we meet are sometimes the same people that are posting in this thread

I guess this is because what is weird for one person may just be normal to another.

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08.13.2013 , 12:02 AM | #722
I just did an SM Cademimu run that, by the standards of a lot of the stories in this thread, was nothing special, but...well.

We had a Guardian tank, a Shadow dps, a Sage healer, and me (GS). The Guardian and the Shadow were both in full blues/greens (including their mainhands), not even moddable gear. The Sage was geared fairly well.

Through the first several pulls, it became apparent that the Guardian and Shadow weren't all that good at playing their classes. The Guardian was apparently unaware that he was a tank, and tended to let the Shadow open fights. The painfully undergeared Shadow would then promptly die, whereupon all aggro would either shift to me or to the healer. Our tank never really figured out how to generate threat, and it took several repetitions of the command in chat to get him to even start pulls near the end. He consistently failed to use a guard, too, which was a fairly serious problem since his gear and level were both so awful that he rarely managed to keep aggro on anything that I was shooting at.

We had the usual low-comedy bits with mistakenly aggro'ed mobs a few times. At the part with the shortcut you can take with high Scavenging, the Guardian steadfastly refused to believe that that path was either shorter or easier than the alternative. Instead of following me inside, he went so far as to go off by himself and (accidentally?) pull that first group you find going the long way - you know, the one with two of those ridiculously high-health droids. This happened while the rest of us were not anywhere near him, so. You can imagine how that turned out.

The Shadow, mind you, was not just all about opening fights. That would be too simple. He preferred to open fights by using his eight-second CC power. Not the mind trap, or whatever the stealth CC is called, but the one that draws aggro, Force Lift. He did this despite being repeatedly admonished not to. Sometimes, he'd even CC an enemy and immediately use his knockback, undoing all that hard work. And I don't have the slightest inkling of how a Shadow's rotation works, but I'd guess that he wouldn't be doing that right, either. You know, for the few seconds he had before he'd die.

Often as not, a given trash pull would result in an early death for the Shadow, the Guardian flopping around like a beached fish, me ending up as a hybrid of tank (absorbing most of the damage despite liberal use of my aggro dump) and dps (killing all the enemies), with the Sage resigned to mostly just keeping me and herself alive. On those rare occasions when the Guardian elected to use his taunt - and since "target of target" might as well have been Swahili to him, they were very rare indeed - he'd get wiped out because of his awful gear. I had the bug where I couldn't actually view whatever he had in his offhand, but I would be shocked if he actually had a shield generator there.

But, you know, as bad as these guys were, and as much as they refused to listen to instructions (instructions delivered in what I would consider to be a fairly helpful, non-critical tone that became increasingly difficult to maintain as the flashpoint went on), the Sage and I stuck with them, because I, for one, had already waited a total of two and a half hours for SM Cademimu to pop that day and I was not going to wait any longer. And, you know, the whole two-person-show thing that the Sage and I had going was working reasonably well. We were getting through all the trash pulls and the bosses, and there was only one actual wipe in spite of how badly the other two were playing.

Still, two things really crowned the whole evening for me. The first was that only Strength and Willpower gear dropped - and since the Willpower piece was a doublesaber, our poor Sage got nothing for her trouble. (I was okay with not getting any drops, since most of them would probably be obsolete anyway.) I mean, sure, the two of them really did need the gear, but jeez, it's not like they'd actually be using it to a good purpose. And, of course, the Shadow hit Need on Strength gear (and got it), despite not even having companions that could use it. I brought this up in chat, but the Guardian was so unconcerned that I dropped the issue.

The second was the rather abrupt way they decided to handle General Ortol. As they were running over from the missile computer, I tried to give a quick overview of the fight's sole mechanic, i.e. not to stand under a live rocket. The Shadow said "k" in chat, and the Guardian didn't acknowledge it at all before starting the fight. Naturally, the Shadow immediately wandered into the very first rocket launch area and died within fifteen seconds of the fight starting. And the Guardian managed to avoid that one, but merrily continued to tank Ortol in the same place, ignoring all the warning signs, and promptly died at the next rocket launch. So it was just me and the Sage for the last 80% of the boss's health, and I was genuinely surprised we managed to pull it out first try - mostly due to some pro healing and judicious use of defensive cooldowns.

So yeah. Shout out to the heroine Sage.
Euphrosynē (n., Greek) - "mirth, merriment"

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08.13.2013 , 01:00 AM | #723
And the winner of the Best telling story in the category " The weird people you meet in Group Finder " goes this week to Euphrosyne...
how you just hit the Zeitgeist is awesome. Congratulation!
you will receive 1kk credits in game.
( just for fun )

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08.13.2013 , 04:02 AM | #724
"Nothing special" pfft. Well told, almost felt as if I was there. The only thing missing was the pain in my forehead and a strange, waffle like impression thereon.

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08.13.2013 , 10:44 AM | #725
So of course last night I was trying to get in my last Weekly Op run, simply wasn't able to make it happen before hand. Ran around doing a little crafting and such and some daily fun to get me through until GF popped. One of my guildies invited me to do EV HM but I hadn't done the one-time TFB mission for the Mass Manips so I was content to wait.

Amazingly the entire group was geared and a few typed instructions were enough to keep everything together. Great job by the other tank, all the heals, and the DPS. No deaths, not a single wipe on a boss. Got through Op IX and of course someone had to go, and unfortunately the other tank was in that company. No worries, everyone else is good on the fights so we'll manage with GF again. At the last moment, though, salvation: geared tank from my guild gets on and hasn't run yet for the week. Of course, this is the thread for tragedies and just before my guidmate can come in another tank queues. From here, things do not go well.

As soon as she comes in it's flippant remarks. "Duh, I've done this before" and "thanks Captain Obvious" to anyone explaining the fight. Well, we're in good hands, she knows the fight so we do it... and proceed to wipe horribly. Once we're dead, "No one said anything about me running into the blue pools," and no one did, except for me in nice, bold Ops leader text and the other Ops main who had run this time and time again with his guild. Well, we get it all straightened out, explain again when to swap aggro and where to pull and we make it through. On to the tentacles.

More Captain Obvious remarks, more I know the fight statements and of course what does she do: attacks the Terror directly and takes a lovely OHK leaving her team to be smashed into pulp by the tentacle. So now she whispers me to explain the fight to her, which I do. Doesn't get much more simple than keep the tentacle towards the boss--which I had already explained before the first wipe--ignore the first add, dodge the add wave, rinse, repeat. We've also explained the platform mechanics. What do you think the odds are that things go well from here?

So, tentacles down and pulled through the portal. The nightmare begins. She uses the platforms she was told to right? Of course not. She listens when her team tells her to switch platforms right? Of course not. She keeps the Terror targeted so she can taunt off me during the scream right? Nah, more fun for her to DPS the tentacles. How we even got through that phase I don't know, but we somehow survived only to have her team wipe later due to her platforming escapades, usually positioning to get acid in the path of her DPS crew. I'm not 100% sure a to how she managed to die every time as post-death there were usually incoherent screams of outrage about how no one explained this or that.

Honestly, I'm too kind-hearted. I know it's difficult to find people to help you through the Ops at times so I try to be patient, but this was partly my fault in the end for not booting her sooner. It was a fiasco to say the least. I wish I had the story-telling ability of the story above, but really I feel like I couldn't do the situation justice anyway; you just had to be there =p

And of course, I still have that one-time quest to complete...

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08.13.2013 , 12:56 PM | #726
Quote: Originally Posted by Raddic View Post
i stayed with the group and waited on pulls and all that up to the last boss. Every group ive been in on that last boss has one dd on the boss and everyone elset killing the turrets.

The healer and tank done a great job. My complaint is that they blamed ME when the other dd was spamming their free attack the entire flashpoint and failed to notice it, or thought that was acceptable.

And if no one ever complains about or points out the weak link in a group, then that weak link will continue to be just that in every group.
Your fault ,mate. You made the fight harder when you continued attacking the boss and ignored the turrets .

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08.13.2013 , 02:27 PM | #727
Quote: Originally Posted by Alduinsm View Post
Your fault ,mate. You made the fight harder when you continued attacking the boss and ignored the turrets .
Mando Raiders?

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08.14.2013 , 05:23 AM | #728
Quote: Originally Posted by XXcroxphireXX View Post
Its funny I came across this post. I have'nt even used group finder yet and have only play in a group a couple of times and never PVP'd. The reason I shy away from groups is im dont want to be one of the guys you just posted about. I have a couple level 50's and working on more so its not like I dont know how to play but........idk.
I know what you mean - I used Group Finder for the first time recently to do a Flashpoint quest and got told off because i was attacking too much!?! I dont understand the etiquette - its all very confusing.

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08.14.2013 , 05:26 AM | #729
Quote: Originally Posted by xenefire View Post
I know what you mean - I used Group Finder for the first time recently to do a Flashpoint quest and got told off because i was attacking too much!?! I dont understand the etiquette - its all very confusing.
Did you pull groups before the tank?
waiting for ...

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08.14.2013 , 10:29 AM | #730
Quote: Originally Posted by xenefire View Post
I know what you mean - I used Group Finder for the first time recently to do a Flashpoint quest and got told off because i was attacking too much!?! I dont understand the etiquette - its all very confusing.
As said above, either you were ruining pulls by pulling before the tank, or maybe you were ignoring kill orders. Always let the tank pull first, and always kill weak to strong. Protect your healer by pulling weak mobs off of it and killing them quickly. Once all the weakest mobs are dead work with your fellow dps/tank to kill the stronger enemies. Focus firing will make every pull less stressful on your healer.

And try not to break cc. Some groups run together a lot and don't mark out who they are going to cc, try to get a feel for what the group is doing.

I actually felt bad for a dps we kicked last night, I guess all the enemies were invisible to him or something. Every fight he hit /stuck and went to re-spawn. The third time somehow he pulled aggro on a champ mob he couldn't see, ran it all the way back to us and then once we started killing it just kept running. Reason for kick: "I have no idea man" He left without a word.